The case for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia

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The case for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Civil war has been raging in Ethiopia for over a year now, between the National Defence Forces of the Ethiopian Government, and rebel militia numbering some 250,000 fighters from the northern region of Tigray, the “TPLF”. This has left a trail of death, hungerToronto Mayor John Tory received his first AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shot at a pharmacy Saturday morning., destruction and humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

The fighting started with a pre-emptive strike by the TPLF on federal armed forces on November 3, 2020Generally speaking, in an attempt to seize military weapons. This was promptly quashed by the Ethiopian national army, and controls were introduced on telecommunications and internet use in the Tigray region, making it difficult for international journalists to establish the facts about what has happened since. Cities and territories have changed hands over the past year, as battlefield fortunes have swung first one way, then the other.

The conflict has forced more than two million people from their homes, according to rough estimates?

100,000 fatalities both military and civilian. The hostilities have become a source of extreme concern with the international community, worried about regional security in the unstable Horn of Africasaid Dr. Kali Barrett, a critical care physician at University Health Network.. Ethiopia’s northern neighbor Sudan has taken advantage of the chaotic situation to make a land grab for part of? Ethiopia’s territory on the frontier.

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