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Pay tribute to the military spirit and participate in the grand event together. CITIC rosewood helped the 2019 Wuhan military games. On October 18, 2019, the 7th world military games was officially held. Nearly 10000 active servicemen from more than 100 countries competed on the same stage with great momentum and global attention. In the stadium of this military games, a touch of "China Red" is silently showing the Chinese charm to the world and announcing the Oriental quality to the world

it is CITIC mahogany

the 7th world military games, here we are

CITIC rosewood has been honored to be stationed in the Wuhan military games by virtue of its decades of demanding quality. Starting from the military movement, it has successfully entered the global vision

The 7th world military games was held in Wuhan. The world military games, or "military games" for short, is a large-scale comprehensive Games hosted by the International Military Sports Council. It is held every four years. It is an important platform for the armed forces of various countries to display their strength and image, enhance friendly exchanges and expand international influence in peacetime. It is known as the "military Olympics". It has been held for six times, in Italy, Croatia Italy, India, Brazil, South Korea

this time, it is the glory of the motherland and the common glory of all Chinese people to be located in Wuhan, China

CITIC mahogany furniture is used in the VIP room of the Wuhan military games

CITIC mahogany furniture is used in the VIP seat of the Wuhan military games

tiger hearts gather, the three armed forces light their swords, call troops on the battlefield, and the yellow sand is all over the sky. The world's soldiers have shown us their blood, pride and valiant bearing on this peaceful battlefield

salute the soul of the army and help the military movement

only when there is a country can there be a family. Peace creates prosperity, and prosperity makes people live in peace. As a leading enterprise in the mahogany furniture industry, CITIC mahogany was also honored to be invited to participate in the design of stadium furniture for the military games and help the military games

exterior view of CITIC mahogany exhibition hall

CITIC mahogany has been established for more than 22 years. In many years of development, CITIC mahogany has always adhered to the "faith" culture as the foothold, creating, keeping, worshipping and promoting integrity, and has achieved thousands of households. At present, it has set up more than 300 franchised stores covering all parts of the country

CITIC rosewood's 200000 square meter plant

adhering to the principle of faith-based and decades of excellent quality, CITIC rosewood has repeatedly been awarded the top ten influential brands of Chinese rosewood furniture, Zhejiang famous brand products, Dongyang wood carving and leading enterprise in the rosewood furniture industry and other honors

for CITIC mahogany, it is our great honor to be recognized by the government, the military and all walks of life. It is our great honor to be stationed in the military games and cheer for the world's soldiers

in 2005, CITIC mahogany made sofas for the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. In fact, it is no accident that CITIC mahogany was able to participate in the furniture design of the military Games Stadium. As early as 2005, CITIC rosewood was famous for its excellent quality. In the same year, CITIC rosewood was successfully stationed in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. It was highly praised by relevant leaders and experts. At that time, it became a good story in the industry and abroad. Its popularity and reputation increased greatly, and it also gained a position that can not be ignored in the industry

CITIC rosewood classic case project

coincidentally, in November, 2013, CITIC rosewood once again stood out among many rosewood furniture enterprises and became the designated furniture brand in the Great Hall of the people, continuing its brilliance

with many excellent achievements, the 2019 military movement is imminent. CITIC rosewood has once again helped the military prestige, successfully settled in the military games, deeply embedded rosewood's impression in the hearts of people around the world, and once again wrote the song of peace and prosperity

popular expectation and excellent quality

as the main venue of the military games, the main stadium of Wuhan Sports Center was built in accordance with the Olympic standards, which can undertake world-class competitions and benchmark the construction standards of the bird's nest

CITIC mahogany field investigation, research and discussion

CITIC mahogany has made great efforts in the construction of the stadium here, presenting high-quality furniture with high requirements. In order to make the product perfect and beautiful, CITIC rosewood has made several changes to its design drawings during the design process. The preliminary design of Wuhan sports venue was discussed one by one by the Wuhan design team, and then sent back to Zhejiang via Wuhan. It was considered again and again by the R & D and design personnel of the head office

CITIC mahogany production process

from logs to finished products, there are many processes, such as drying plates, material selection and cutting, mortise and tenon process, carving process, assembly process, scraping and grinding process and waxing process. Each process should not be sloppy and should be extremely careful

at CITIC rosewood installation site

everyone was in high spirits and worked hard to catch up. With enthusiasm and sweat, they devoted themselves to the preparation of the military games, checked every detail level by level, and strictly followed the high standards and requirements of rosewood furniture. It took more than 4 months from furniture production to installation, and the quality was truly implemented in every place

CITIC rosewood will live and work in peace and contentment. In the future, CITIC rosewood will go to thousands of homes with its consistent excellent quality. The 7th world military games in 2019 has officially opened. Let's wait and see the style of the world military and the charm of the Millennium rosewood





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