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The main color of pure white lays the fresh tone of this 50 square meter small house. The simple decoration and ingenious planning layout create a spacious environment and increase the comfort of the small home. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will share with you a set of 50 square meters of fresh and beautiful home. I believe you will get some very good design inspiration

in the effect picture, a small green artificial lawn lights up the whole porch, and natural colors glow with vitality, giving the space a sense of vitality. A simple shelf is fixed on the white wall, which is just right for placing items and hanging clothes, while the compartment shoe rack on the ground opposite it is small and exquisite, but it has a powerful storage function. Simple decoration design creates the first beautiful scenery of small family home, leaving a good impression

a simple shelf is fixed on the background wall of the pure white sofa. The decorative paintings with simple patterns and distinctive charm placed on the shelf instantly broke the monotony of the wall. The bean green one-line fabric sofa is exquisite and fashionable, and its soft and comfortable sitting feeling brings people endless comfort. The light brown solid wood tea table is perfectly matched with it, natural, simple and low-key and elegant, and the floor lamp placed next to the sofa has also become a major attraction, Elegant posture adds a lot to this small family home

the table chairs made of light brown solid wood are healthy and environmental friendly, which are very eye-catching in the space with pure white tones. The chandelier hanging above the dining table is generous and elegant, rendering the elegant style of the space. The small green potted plants placed on the windowsill have become the highlight of this small house decoration design effect drawing, and the fresh color and fresh vitality have broken the dull feeling of the space

although the space of this small family bathroom in the figure is small, the effect of decoration design is very eye-catching. The light gray rectangular tiles are pasted all over the background wall of the bathroom, which not only improves the beauty of the space and establishes the fresh style of the space, but also plays a waterproof role. In such a pure color space, you can decorate it with toiletries, towels, bouquets and potted plants at will, and the overall feeling will be different

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