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There is a traditional view that summer is the off-season for decoration, because the coexistence of dry and wet summer will increase the difficulty of decoration. Xu Liang, the design director of Zhuhai Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd., believes that although the decoration is related to the seasonal climate, the summer decoration has little impact in the south. In recent years, the difference between low and peak seasons has become less and less obvious. For some formal decoration companies, the general direction remains the same and the details will be adjusted. In other words, the decoration in summer can be done at ease as in the whole year, but in terms of construction, some details of their construction scheme will be adjusted due to the change of season and climate. Different seasons and climates will have different solutions. He said that drying or humidity have their own advantages. For example, muddy water engineering likes humidity. When the weather is wet, the setting speed of cement will slow down, which is more conducive to construction. Paint engineering likes to be dry. When the humidity is high, it will affect the paint engineering. Wang Xiang, the designer of Zhuhai mengju Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., also said that strictly speaking, the decoration is not divided into light and peak seasons, and the main key is which seasons are suitable for which specific projects

focus on key points and don't ignore others

what problems should we pay attention to in summer decoration? The main person in charge of Wuhan home decoration network mentioned that floor tile paving and wall building are key points. In addition to the control of the decoration company on the construction progress, it is better to put some mud and water work in floor tile laying and wall building in a slightly humid weather. If the cement solidifies too fast, the shrinkage ratio between bricks will be different when paving and wall building. Originally, this brick is at such a horizontal height, but when this brick solidifies, the next brick has not been paved or laid. When the process continues, there are unbalanced factors hidden in it. Because bricks are often not paved at one time. After the process is restarted, you can use this brick as the reference standard to pave the next brick. As soon as the newly paved brick shrinks, it will be a little lower than the original one. After it dries, it can't be adjusted. Of course, during the construction process, the decoration company will control the time, indoor temperature, humidity, cement mixing ratio, etc. to avoid this regrettable situation. He said that the wet and rainy season in Zhuhai is not suitable for the two processes of wood and fan ash. Wood products will be affected by moisture, and the wall fan ash project will not be dry, and there will be mildew. In this case, painting the wall paint is likely to lock the moisture in it, resulting in wall pulverization, blistering, wall discoloration, and even cracking after a long time. But other processes have little impact. Professionals remind: air pollution, material exposure, material mildew and other phenomena are common in decoration, but we must pay attention to avoid. So we should purify the air; Never expose painted furniture to the sun; Wallpaper and paint should be naturally dried in the shade; Remove the musty smell and keep the cement from moisture

choose a decoration company to ensure quality

summer decoration, and the project quality should be considered clearly. It is necessary to choose a professional decoration company that can ensure the quality of the project. Insiders also believe that the selection of decoration companies must first examine whether they are qualified to carry out decoration engineering construction. In addition to checking the business license, you should carefully examine whether the company has a formal office location and whether it can issue qualified bills. Secondly, the quality of decoration depends largely on the quality of the construction team. The strength of the construction team can be seen from the tools they use. At present, the degree of electrification of decoration projects is very high. Generally, powerful construction teams generally use electric steam pumps, nail guns and other tools in order to improve quality and efficiency. In addition, you can inspect the projects that this decoration company has done to evaluate its design and construction level. In terms of design, the level and qualifications of interior designers are directly related to the level of design level, so it is best to ask the designers of this company in detail





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