Iberi whole house series appreciation of Norwegian

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Iberi whole house Norwegian forest series appreciate the original ecology, quiet and remote! Now let's taste it carefully

inspiration: Norway. According to legend, the Norwegian forest is a huge virgin forest that is so large that people can get lost. Maybe everyone has his own forest, which we have never been to, but it has always been there, standing quietly in our hearts for a long time

style features: when the prosperity is exhausted and the lead is washed away, you will know that the true color of not applying makeup is the favorite that always accompanies you. This is the supreme realm of fresh and refined. The pure log color dominates the "visual" world, which makes people calm. Black, white and green embellishments are all so pure and appropriate. The locker looks simple, but in fact it is practical everywhere. It plays the role of decoration and spacing like a work of art, without leaving a trace of decoration

design elements:

design guidelines

1 The wardrobe body adopts Honghua pear

2 Panel ebony gold

3 Handle fits modern style

style positioning

1 Style positioning: the natural color of the log, simple and elegant. Suitable for successful middle-aged and elderly people with high taste and deep experience

2 Application plate: Honghua pear + ebony

3 Material advantages: original wood incense board, environmental protection, moisture resistance, wear resistance, acid and salt resistance




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