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During the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July 2014, boyales will participate in the o2o activities of the Construction Expo and build a high-end whole wood home decoration franchise brand with 10000 yuan vouchers and a number of support policies

once upon a time, traditional furniture gradually faded its dazzling light, and was replaced by the whole wood furniture of "one family, one world, one house, one system". The practicality and high-end product characteristics of the whole wood furniture have been highly praised by consumers in the market. A set of high-end and atmospheric whole wood furniture shows the owner's taste and bearing of "not making public and extraordinary". Among the most popular brand of whole wood home decoration in the market, Boya rice has won the highland of the whole wood home decoration market at one stroke. During the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July 2014, boyales will participate in the o2o activities of the Construction Expo and build a high-end whole wood home decoration franchise brand with 10000 yuan vouchers and a number of support policies

the exhibition plays with o2o, and the online and offline are linked together.

the "o2o activity of the July Construction Expo" activity is planned by the professional home building materials investment promotion website - Home hotline, and jointly organized by the organizer of Guangzhou Construction Expo - China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation. The purpose is to preheat the exhibition in advance, increase the exposure of brands before the exhibition, and better gather more dealers throughout the country during the exhibition

participating brands will provide a certain amount of vouchers as a special franchise discount. Dealers can get vouchers by making an appointment in advance on the event page. If they finally reach cooperation with the brand at the exhibition, they can use vouchers on items such as franchise fees, deposits, payment for goods (the specific use method depends on the brand investment rules), so as to reduce franchise investment. Brands without exhibition plans can also participate in this event. In the "view outside the exhibition" section, brands that cannot attend the exhibition also give the same preferential treatment to the China Construction Expo, expanding the influence of the China Construction Expo beyond the exhibition

During the exhibition, customers who successfully join through the home hotline will enjoy the following Discounts: 10000 yuan for joining in Tier-1 cities, 5000 yuan for joining in tier-2 cities, and 3000 yuan for joining in tier-3 cities

in addition, boyales has also launched other franchise support policies to make franchisees easier to join. The specific concessions are as follows:

1. You can enjoy a 20% discount on new store samples (enjoy the discount card policy) by making an advance payment within one week after the signing of the franchise contract.

2. Decoration subsidy of 200-300 yuan/square meter

3. Store building support: professional designers do store design and track the whole construction process, The product designer perfectly designs the product portfolio and other comprehensive services according to the regional market

4. Support for market promotion activities of the marketing department

5. Material support: product publicity brochures, log samples, door corner samples, color board samples, shopping guide training materials, etc.

6. Training support: sales, design, installation

brand introduction

Guangzhou boyales whole wood home decoration Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturer authorized by Germany boyaroyce woodworking factory to produce and operate log series products in China. In 2008, after reaching a strategic cooperation with Germany, the company comprehensively integrated resources and marched into the field of high-end villas in China! While absorbing European retro, British and other styles, combined with Chinese traditional culture, boyales quickly formed a unique style of whole wood home decoration, leading the new trend of whole wood home decoration in China. With the goal of "serving Ding level high-end villas and enjoying luxury, nature and beauty", adhering to the serious and persistent behavior style of Germany, and based on the full reference of German classic cases, boyales has gradually become the first choice of China's whole wood home decoration high-end brands and is favored by the majority of high-end customers due to the successful creation of many luxury cases, such as Evian Valley in Nanjing, Olympic Garden in Guangzhou, Paris spring in Hangzhou, etc

the company is located in Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, which has the most developed industry. It has nearly 100 mu of industrial plants, which are divided into exclusive areas for administration, carpentry, paint polishing, materials, logistics and so on. The total value of instruments and equipment is more than one million yuan, the storage capacity of wood is more than 50000, there are more than 30 kinds of wood, all of which are imported rare varieties, there are more than 200 employees, five patents, and two professors have been hired as the company's technical consultants

with the mission of building "the first brand of China's whole wood home decoration customization" and "China's green low-carbon environmental protection brand", relying on the excellent quality of non cracking, non deformation, low-carbon environmental protection and personalized design, it specializes in the production of log integrated products such as parapet, fireplace, bookcase, wardrobe, wine cabinet, wooden door, etc., and boyales brand is gradually becoming famous in the Chinese market

at present, the franchisees of boyales brand have spread all over the first-line high-end stores in Chinese cities such as Beijing Red Star Macalline, Hangzhou sixth space, Guangzhou Jockey Club, Urumqi Hualing, and the service network has been further expanded and the service level has been further improved. The company has established online promotion on Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other network platforms, and the business value of boyales is showing

the company will, as always, adhere to the enterprise concept of "efficient implementation and deep innovation", adhere to the enterprise policy of "based on the whole wood, highlight the characteristics, and strengthen the ability to do things", strive to become the first choice brand for home ownership through self-improvement and hard work





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