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The research and application of cigarette packaging film without carton

in recent years, China's cigarette packaging began to use film in batches to replace the carton, first of all, the carton was cancelled on the five types of cigarette packaging and directly packed with film, in order to reduce the cost of cigarette packaging and increase economic benefits. However, due to the single performance of many packaging films, the packaging effect is not satisfactory. How to solve this problem? Jiangsu Zhongda New Material Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Nanjing Zhongda Group) launched a brand-new "three-layer coextrusion BOPP carton free color printing positioning packaging film" product in 2003, which perfectly solved this problem, made the five types of cigarettes get rid of the loose and embarrassing appearance, and solved the problem that the bar code of the cigarette label pattern could not be positioned. It fully conforms to the cigarette packaging of more than five types, and has a promising future

I. research direction of cigarette carton free strip packaging film

(I) meet the environmental protection requirements

at present, many packaging materials such as PVC and PVDC can not be effectively recycled, which is difficult to meet the environmental protection requirements and is subject to many restrictions. However, BOPP film has become the mainstream material for food packaging due to its excellent packaging performance, recyclable and re granulated, and no dioxin and other harmful gases are produced during incineration. Its domestic production and sales can exceed 1million tons, and it is called the "Queen" of packaging

bopp film is also the main material for cigarette packaging at home and abroad. The development of BOPP products is more environmentally friendly and can better meet the needs of cigarette packaging

(II) performance requirements of strip packaging film

several functions should be realized by directly replacing the carton with film: 1 No adhesion with small package; 2. the package shall be compact without looseness; 3. the pattern and bar code are positioned accurately, with anti-counterfeiting function, which is convenient for the tobacco monopoly department to identify and inspect

(III) the testing machine that can meet the warning requirements put forward by the international health organization is relatively advanced. The international health organization puts forward that cigarette sales must be printed with eye-catching warning signs. After the strip package carton is cancelled, the warning sign can be printed on the film to solve the problem that the small package is exposed and the warning layout is difficult to design

II. Technical solution for cigarette carton free strip packaging film

pvdc coated BOPP strip packaging film (scheme I)

(I) background

pvdc coated film is an old product with mature technology. It was used in cigarette packet packaging as early as the 1980s. Up to now, very few cigarettes still use this kind of material for packaging. It is suitable for food packaging and has relatively excellent barrier performance

(II) process and performance

pvdc coating film is coated on both sides of BOPP (pvdc/pu/bopp/pu/pvdc), so as to achieve the effect of low-temperature heat sealing, ensure that it does not adhere to small packages in the process of strip packaging, and can replace carton packaging

pvdc printing coating film is first full-scale printing and then coating on BOPP film substrate (pvdc/pu/printing/bopp/pu/pvdc), so as to avoid the defect of bare inner packaging

(III) features

advantages: good barrier property, good gloss and certain stiffness

defect: 1 Because the coating film can not or is difficult to achieve the heat shrinkable performance, the package is loose after packaging, and the appearance is not good. 2. the printing pattern can only be a random full page design, and cannot locate the display demand and reflect the effect. 3. unable to realize information-based packaging, meeting the relevant provisions of the cigarette monopoly regulations, and facing future environmental protection restrictions

three-layer coextrusion BOPP cigarette carton free color printing positioning strip packaging film (scheme II)

(I) background

cigarette packaging materials are constantly updated. The earliest "low-temperature heat sealing coated water chemical fiber cellophane" followed by "low-temperature heat sealing coated PVC" to "PVDC coated BOPP" to "three-layer coextrusion BOPP". The three-layer coextrusion BOPP fully meets the physical and chemical properties, beauty and environmental protection requirements of cigarette packaging. However, three-layer co extrusion BOPP has been widely used in cigarette packets and strip packaging with cartons. After the strip packaging cartons are cancelled, BOPP materials with the same double-layer medium will appear internal and external adhesion through heat sealing and cannot be used directly

Jiangsu Zhongda New Material Group Co., Ltd. is the first company to launch the "three-layer co extrusion BOPP cigarette carton free color printing positioning strip packaging film". It has recently obtained a number of national patented technologies, which has completely solved the adhesion problem. By using the new technology of color printing, barrier and positioning packaging, the problem of applying three-layer co extruded BOPP film to carton free strip packaging was solved. With the application of this technology, BOPP cigarette packaging materials can be extended and developed without going back to PVDC coating. The appearance of "three-layer coextrusion BOPP cigarette carton free color printing positioning strip packaging film" provides a new packaging choice for carton free strip packaging. Its quality and performance are excellent, and it can be completely used in the packaging of three, four and five categories of cigarette strips

(II) process and performance

1 Barrier: "three layer coextrusion BOPP cigarette carton free color printing positioning strip package packaging film" is to print a layer of barrier material (PP heat sealing material/pp base material/pp heat sealing material/local barrier material) on BOPP base material to ensure that it does not adhere to small packages through the barrier layer

2. Reserved heat sealing position: during the design of printing plate making, the heat sealing position shall be accurately reserved in one direction in the heat sealing interface area to retain the original packaging heat sealing performance and heat sealing strength

3. Positioning packaging unscrew the external 6-point screw on the end face of the oil pump: install the matching customized positioning device on the cigarette machine for positioning packaging to ensure that the pattern, bar code and heat sealing position are accurate

(III) features

1 As the material is relatively lighter than PVDC coating material, and saves cartons, the cigarette packaging cost can be greatly reduced

2. The heat sealing effect is good and does not affect the small box packaging

3. Inheriting the original heat shrinkable performance of BOPP, the strip package will not relax after shrinking, and material technology will enter the stock market as an independent subsidiary in the middle of 2016 at the latest, with good appearance effect

4. After printing, the positioning packaging has more aesthetic, promotional and anti-counterfeiting effects, and can meet the market diversification requirements and the warning signs required by the international health organization. It can be accurately displayed on the outer packaging to meet the needs of frequent replacement of warning slogans and low-cost packaging

(5) more environmentally friendly than other products

III. economic analysis of cigarette carton free strip packaging film

250 cartons (about 6.25kg (0..70 yuan/piece. Yuan) with an average price of about 137.5 yuan/box and 0.55 yuan/piece) are required for a large box and the indicator light on the control box panel is normal

film 21um (0.905g/cm3) 0.48kg required for a large box × 20 yuan, about 9.6 yuan (0.0384 yuan/piece, 0.04 yuan/piece after deducting consumption)

a large box of carton free color printing positioning film 28um (0.92g/cm3) 0.65kg × 55 yuan, about 35.75 yuan (0.143 yuan/piece, 0.15 yuan/piece after deducting consumption)

one large box ratio (0.55+0..15) × 250=111 yuan/large box, saving about 111 yuan per large box on average

IV. overview

bopp color printing positioning packaging film is the development trend of cigarette packaging. It can not only perfectly replace the strip packaging carton, but also be applied to small box packaging, greatly reducing the printing cost of small boxes and returning the cigarette packaging to an economic and beautiful constant state

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