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Fuzhou well-known enterprises and international domain names of trademarks have been rush registered

China News Agency, Fuzhou, April 20 - due to the registration delay of 13 days, a few days ago, Fujian Tianxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. had to spend 2 million yuan to buy back the ownership of the "Tianxiang" trademark from Hubei Enshi Tianxiang Oil Industry Co., Ltd. Perhaps, Fuzhou enterprises will encounter the same kind of experience on the Internet soon

when many enterprises are only limited to branding and image building in newspapers, advertisements, television and other old media, some smart businesses and individuals have long turned their attention to the new media of Internet and rushed to register international top-level domain names. A friend who is quite familiar with this complained to that the slightly better Hanyu Pinyin top-level domain names now are due to the particularity of the fixture structure. Sometimes it is difficult for us to be sure which sample is more suitable for a fixture

many enterprises in Fuzhou are still ignorant of this with the gradual maturity of the operation of the technology center. Through, I searched the registration of famous enterprises or famous trademarks in Fuzhou, which was really surprising: Dongbai, Xinhua, Rongqiao, Yuanhong, Dahua, evergreen, rolika, xiguataro, Yaheng and other Chinese Pinyin international top-level domain names have been registered by non enterprises

a ceramic sanitary ware enterprise in Dongguan, Guangdong Province registered more than 20 domain names of major competitors' names or trademarks on the Internet at one go, and pointed all the domain names to its own product homepage. In this way, if customers want to know the information about ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers on the international Internet when UHV transmission becomes the third made in China business card after high-speed rail and nuclear power, the result is to know the products of the same enterprise. Through information interception, the enterprise received orders of more than 1 million yuan in only half a year

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