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Optimistic about the sports industry, spring is coming, lighting enterprises gather together for sports marketing

on March 11, the 2017 world diving series Guangzhou race ended, and Olympic champion Chen aisen won with 601.15 points, becoming the fifth platform jumper in history to get more than 600 points

it is noted that the logo of sponsor Rex lighting can be seen everywhere from the platform jumping to the podium in the stadium hall of today. It is understood that as an official partner and title sponsor of fina, Rex lighting has supported FINA World Diving Championships for four consecutive years

in fact, in recent years, sports marketing has been blowing a whirlwind in the lighting industry. Looking at the industry, in addition to diving to see Rex, the lighting circle has already seen the three champions in the Premier League. Therefore, the Portuguese League looked at Lehman, the Chinese Super League looked at abison, the Champions League looked at LianJian and so on

behind the hot sports marketing is the arrival of spring in the sports industry, which insiders are optimistic about. In July last year, the General Administration of sport officially released the 13th five year plan for the development of the sports industry, which proposed to achieve the goal of a total scale of the sports industry of more than 3trillion yuan

lighting enterprises gather in sports marketing

Rex lighting has a lot of roots in diving. It is understood that in July 2013, Rex lighting officially signed a contract to become the official partner of fina. From 2014 to 2016, with the fina diving event, Rex lighting continued to appear in many events, such as Beijing, Dubai, Kazan, London, Windsor and Merida

in fact, in the lighting industry, Rexroth lighting is not a special case for enterprises that cooperate with sports events. It is noted that with the rise of various sports events and national sports, sports marketing has become an important means for lighting enterprises to go international in recent years

when it comes to sports marketing in the domestic lighting industry, Lehman shares is one of the enterprises that cannot be bypassed

in January 2016, Lehman announced that it was named the Portuguese Professional Football League A, becoming the first Chinese enterprise to be named the European Football League. In June of the same year, Li MANTIE, the actual controller of

Mann shares, acquired 100% equity of the Australian Super League Newcastle jet football club, becoming the first Chinese to own 100% of a football club in the first tier League abroad

Lehman shares is dedicated to football, while Alto electronics is keen on all-round development. In September 2015, alto Electronics announced that it had reached a global strategic cooperation agreement with FIBA to cooperate around new business of sports marketing and new products of sports electronics. In addition, alto electronics also provided services for the 2015 Shenzhen International Marathon, the 2016 Chongqing Football Association Super Cup, and the 2016 Hainan China youth golf future star

the three male Aurora, which has completed the listing and subscription and announced the winning lot number a few days ago, is also a "sports enthusiast". From sponsoring CBA China Men's basketball professional league and naming CBA Basketball Team, to signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Manchester City Football Club, it has become the first official partner of Manchester City in China

it is found that in addition to the above-mentioned lighting enterprises, lighting enterprises, including Foshan Lighting, xuelaite, abison and LianJian optoelectronics, have taken advantage of sports marketing to improve brand awareness

the industry says that you can't blindly sponsor

for sports marketing, Wang Donglei, chairman of Rex lighting, also said that when you go to other countries, you always have to communicate with local consumers, so you have to choose a language to communicate, and "Sports" is a language that is uniformly accepted by any nation and country of mankind, and it is a better way to communicate with local consumers with the help of it

Wang Juxian, an analyst at led research center of Jibang consulting, said that stadiums and gymnasiums have high requirements for lighting, especially for events that need TV broadcasting. Led enterprises carry out promotion and marketing from the perspective of sports, which can not only expand the advertising effect, but also show the brand and product characteristics

on the other hand, I learned that in recent years, lighting enterprises are keen on sports marketing, which has something to do with the development of the sports industry

it is understood that the year of mass production of aerogel gel products for the first time in China is called the "sports year". The State General Administration of sports announced the "13th five year plan" for the development of the sports industry in July last year, proposing that by 2020, the scale and quality of the sports industry will continue to improve, and the level of sports consumption will significantly improve. National sports industry general control system: the scale of Zhongchuang microcomputer is more than 3trillion yuan. The average annual growth rate of the added value of the sports industry is significantly faster than the economic growth rate in the same period, accounting for 1% of the GDP, and the added value of the sports service industry accounts for more than 30%. Sports consumption accounts for more than 2.5% of per capita disposable income

in this context, industry insiders said that with the gradual maturity of domestic and foreign sports consumption markets, the increment of global sports marketing market will continue to expand and develop huge business value

in addition, some insiders said that sports marketing is not blindly sponsoring sports events, it is necessary to find the best fit between brands and events. When considering sports marketing, enterprises need to consider the spirit of corporate culture, the development trend of sports events, target consumers and other issues

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