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Optimistic about the development potential of the label printing industry, the two exhibitions form an organic connection

the "2005 international label printing exhibition" (Labelexpo Asia) held in Shanghai at the end of 2005 comprehensively displayed the printing machines, consumables and auxiliary equipment representing the latest label printing technology and level at home and abroad, attracting nearly 10000 visitors from more than 70 countries around the world

"2006 South China International label printing Summit Forum and Exhibition" (Label Summit South China 2006) will be held in Guangzhou from November 29 to 30. It integrates the forum and desktop display, and will provide a unique platform for label printing practitioners to meet with experts at home and abroad and grasp the market development trend

the exhibition is of great significance in the Pearl River Delta, one of the fastest growing regions of the world's printing industry. There are nearly 15000 printing and packaging enterprises in Guangdong Province, with 500000 employees, and their industrial output value accounts for 20% of the total output value of China's printing industry. The local government is more committed to gradually developing the Pearl River Delta region into a central industrial area of packaging and printing in the world. "2005 international label printing exhibition" (Labelexpo Asia) is a large-scale international exchange activity dominated by exhibitions and supplemented by conferences and forums. Its successful holding provides experience and reference for the "2006 South China International label printing Summit Forum and Exhibition" (Label Summit South). "Labelsummit South China2006" is a high-level international forum integrating education and information exchange. In China, there is a huge market demand for education and training, especially high-quality label printing production technology training, which is also an important reason why this forum attracts the participation of many enterprise decision makers and investors. On the eve of the upcoming "2006 South China International label printing summit forum users can get any desired test results and Exhibition" (Label Summit S0UTH China 2006), let's review the technical highlights that appeared in the "2005 international label printing exhibition" (the main reason for L's unqualified quality is the low polymer content abelexpo Asia)

flexographic printing in China

narrow flexographic printing is a relatively new printing process that has emerged in China in recent years, which means that there are very few high-end leading machines in the market, especially technicians with modern combined printing experience. At present, sheet fed offset printing and relief printing with die-cutting unit are still the mainstream printing methods in China, so. At the "2005 international label printing exhibition" (Labelexpo Asia), Gerais introduced a very novel concept - "using the concept of UV flexographic printing village to demonstrate all the workflow of UV flexographic printing"

during the 2005 exhibition, Atlas em280 demonstrated the whole process of using components provided by all suppliers to produce UV flexo combined printing live parts. Moreover, this is the first appearance of AVT's integrated quality workflow system in Asia. This system connects the jielas em280 and the leomat slitting rewinder through a server

"Labelexpo Asia 2005" has a distinctive theme, aimed at education. During the exhibition, Andy Mai and United Taiwan announced that they would cooperate with relevant domestic ministries and commercial groups to launch flexographic printing skill certificate training for the label and narrow flexographic printing market, so as to promote the rapid development of China's packaging and printing market

Mr. Jakob Landberg, sales director of nubotai company, said that through the exhibition, nubotai company sold several devices. The bottom line of China's rolling government's environmental supervision. 1. The re lost label printing market is still in its infancy. Therefore, newbotai company must give a lot of support and support to this market to make it develop rapidly. The future potential of this market is huge, and the company is full of expectations. Therefore, nubotai will continue to build its team and market in China

the company has exhibited flex series label printing machines for the first time in the Asian market. The company said: Western countries, especially the southern coastal cities of China, have a large number of label printing enterprises, and the growth rate of flexographic printing enterprises is very fast, but the letterpress printing technology in China is still dominant

major investment projects

in China, people are calling for high-quality processing labels. World famous label printing suppliers have successively announced their investment in China's domestic market. Lantai self-adhesive announced that it would build a world-class self-adhesive label manufacturer in Changshu. Recently, Dow Corning and wacker announced that its joint-venture production enterprise Dow Corning (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. has recently been approved by the Chinese government to establish a world-class siloxane production base in China. It is reported that the new production base is located in Jiangsu Yangtze River International Chemical Industry Park in Zhangjiagang

all these show that China's label printing market is very attractive, which is why the exhibition organizers are so confident

source: China Packaging News

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