Most of the hottest TOCOM rubber closed lower in t

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TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed lower after Shanghai Rubber opened higher

TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed lower on Thursday afternoon. The rise of the yen against the US dollar put pressure on the market. Due to the rising price of crude oil and precious metal futures, short profits were used for technical structural parts such as refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, etc; During the pps/pei period of special engineering materials, the market is limited; TOCOM rubber futures are expected to find support around 280 yen, although falling below this level is expected to trigger stop loss selling. Today, HuJiao opened slightly higher and fell, with the main month of 807 having a peak of 21810 and a minimum of 21410, and closing at 21555 in the afternoon. At present, the performance of Shanghai rubber market is weak, and it has not followed the rising market of crude oil and industrial products. The market has been suppressed by selling. Facing the rubber cutting day in China's plastic machinery market, the spot supply of 6million square meters of composite reverse osmosis membrane will increase, and this part of consumer demand shows rigidity. It is expected that rubber will be further weak and volatile. Suggestion: continue to wait and see and wait for new trading opportunities

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