Most of the hottest TOCOM rubber futures ended low

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TOCOM rubber futures mostly fell in the afternoon, and the spot monthly contract rose

according to the news in Tokyo on November 14, TOCOM rubber (21610365,1.72%) futures mostly fell in the afternoon on Wednesday, and the decline in crude oil prices dragged down market sentiment

Tokyo traders said that market sentiment continued to be short, but after rubber futures were close to the limit for two consecutive trading days, the market entered an oversold state. At the same time, it was added that the good weather in Thailand and Malaysia caused the price of raw rubber to decline, which also dampened the market appetite. It was estimated that the next important psychological support level would be 280 yen per kilogram

the benchmark RSS3 contract in April closed down 1.9 yen at 284 yen per kilogram in midday trading, while the spot contract in November rose 1.3 yen to close at 270.3 yen per kilogram in midday trading

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