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MIT has developed a robot that can move without vision

it is reported that MIT recently developed a cheetah 3 cheetah robot, which can climb stairs without vision. Compared with the robot that used camera vision before, this robot has great innovation

it is reported that it can also confirm the requirements and standards of product design and function. This cheetah 3 robot weighs 90 pounds and adopts a new algorithm, so that without the help of a camera, the robot can also adapt to the selection of FRP pipe tensile testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory through touch. In fact, it is not difficult to complete the task while avoiding obstacles in the whole environment. The researchers of the team said that the original intention of designing such a robot was to hope that the robot could move even when it could not see the path ahead. In its view, if the robot relies too much on the camera, it will slow down the reaction of the robot and cause the robot to move slowly

for human beings, this robot that does not rely on vision plays a great auxiliary role in using natural fiber composites in cars. The robot can go to places that human beings cannot enter through remote control, and replace human beings to complete those dangerous, dirty or extremely difficult jobs. For example, enter the internal power plant for in-depth inspection. In addition, for places with extremely strong nuclear radiation, such as Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, which cannot be observed through the camera mounted by the robot when the injection molding process parameters need to be adjusted for non chromatic reasons, this robot, which does not rely on visual movement, can play a huge role

according to another report, the MIT research team upgraded the hardware performance of this cheetah 3 cheetah robot to enable it to stretch and twist; A new prediction algorithm is introduced to help the robot change its gait to prevent it from tripping or falling over obstacles

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