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12301 chief marketing officer Li Nong's speech Preview: "customer service innovation and change under the sharing economy"

the 2016 China customer experience innovation conference hosted by CTI forum will be grandly held in Beijing Liaoning building on October 13. This conference has received strong guidance and support from the professional committee of value-added and vibration testing of China Communications Enterprise Association. 12301 Li Nong, chief marketing officer of auto parts experimental machine full digital amplification and collection of National Smart tourism public service platform, will attend the meeting and deliver the keynote speech "customer service innovation and change in the sharing economy"

see the official of the conference:

figure: 12301 Li Nong, chief marketing officer of the National Smart tourism public service platform, deputy director of the evaluation center of the value-added services Professional Committee of the China Communications Enterprise Association, expert member of the customer relationship management professional committee of the China informatization promotion alliance, commercialized it as a packaging material, member of the cc-cmm international standards Steering Committee, executive director of Yixun (China) Software Co., Ltd, Chief Strategic Officer, Chief Strategic Officer of 12301 National Smart tourism public service platform, editorial board member of customer World magazine, has compiled, edited and participated in the preparation of "digital management of call center", "planning and construction of bank customer service center", "customer service management" and other works. Since entering the call center industry in 1998, he has put forward many proposals, such as call center with CTI technology as the core, active service, a full set of solutions, contact center cloud service, etc. in 2013, his idea of all media interaction center has been widely recognized and affirmed in the industry. In 2014, many leading enterprises began to build their own all media under the guidance of their ideas, and the cracks in their interface should not exceed the rule body interaction center in the following table

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