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Siemens won the "CSR China Education Award"

recently, Siemens was awarded the best sustainable development award of CSR China Education Award. Siemens' efforts in education promotion and supporting the sustainable development of Chinese society have been recognized again. As a partner and corporate social citizen of China's innovation and sustainable development, Siemens promotes (2) the characteristics of nanoparticles and social progress with our products, technologies and solutions, while focusing more on the environment, the future and talents, so as to create value for our employees, customers and society. This shows the broad and profound brand value of Siemens. Said Lothar Herrmann, CEO of Siemens Greater China

csr China Education Award is the only official award in the field of education in China jointly launched by a number of institutions under the initiative and guidance of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the support of the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant units in 2014. It is used to encourage and commend outstanding CSR projects that support the development of China's education, as well as enterprises and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the field of CSR education

Siemens education promotion project is committed to training future scientists and engineers in China by supporting primary, secondary and higher education. In February, 2011, Siemens signed an education cooperation memorandum with the Ministry of education of China, promising to contribute to the cultivation of innovative engineering talents in Chinese universities and vocational colleges. By the end of 2015, Siemens had invested about 711million yuan in the field of education in China. In May 2016, Siemens signed a new round of memorandum of education cooperation with the Ministry of education, which will cultivate innovative talents for the made in China 2025 national strategy under the framework of Sino German cooperation. Siemens also initiated and exclusively sponsored the 10th Siemens Cup National College Students industrial automation challenge, which has trained and delivered more than 10000 excellent engineering talents for China

Siemens has carried out various cooperation with many Chinese universities and vocational colleges. By 2015, Siemens has cooperated with colleges and universities to build more than 300 laboratories across the country. In addition, the establishment of a knowledge exchange center (CKI) is the highest level of cooperation between Siemens and universities around the world. In China, Siemens has established a CKI strategic partnership with Tsinghua University to further promote exchanges and cooperation in scientific research, technology and talent

in terms of basic education, Siemens love green education program is an environmental education project promoted by Siemens for primary schools in China, which aims to enhance the environmental awareness of migrant workers' children and help them better integrate into urban life. The project was launched in September 2009, and has been successfully launched in 10 schools for children of migrant workers in 9 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Kashgar, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Nanjing and Xi'an, benefiting more than 20000 students. Siemens staff volunteers teach environmental education courses to improve the environmental awareness of migrant workers' children, family members and local communities

in addition, Siemens and Shanghai true love dream Public Welfare Foundation jointly established five Siemens love green dream laboratories in China. The laboratory includes a study area equipped with computers, scientific experiment equipment, book corner and other facilities. Siemens also equipped the laboratory with Siemens exploration box and love green teaching plan and teaching aids to help students acquire practical knowledge and skills about environmental protection. In 2015, Beijing Siemens sibles Electronics Co., Ltd. donated nearly 200000 yuan to Tongxin primary school and Anmin Primary School of Siemens' love green education program to improve students' learning and living environment, such as providing heating system, monitoring system and multimedia teaching facilities

previously, Siemens' education promotion project has been widely recognized by the society for its unique sustainability and innovation, and has won many awards. The project was selected as the best case of China German Chamber of Commerce in 2016. At the 8th China enterprise society annual conference, Siemens won the 2015 best enterprise award for this project. Siemens love green education plan won the Beijing top ten enterprise volunteer service project in 2015, and the 21st century is the environmental protection century. At the first corporate society award ceremony in 2014, it won the community project and social nameplate Innovation Award issued by the European Chamber of Commerce in China

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