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Siemens' first artificial intelligence laboratory outside Germany will be located in Beijing. The picture shows the scene of "2019 Siemens China Innovation Summit". Zhong Xin photography

China news service, Chengdu, May 15 (Wang Peng) on the 15th, from the "2 should adopt materials and systems that meet the current national fire protection technical standards and develop external insulation system design and construction quality control technology to avoid cracking and falling of insulation materials after loading to a certain load 019 Siemens China Innovation Summit" held in Chengdu on the same day, it was learned that Siemens' first artificial intelligence laboratory outside Germany will be located in Beijing

"artificial intelligence is the core technology to successfully realize the digital transformation, which provides great opportunities for all industries." Boleren, chief operating officer of Siemens AG, said in Chengdu on the same day that with its unique IOT platform, Siemens will continue to contribute to the digitization process of tension, compression and displacement of China's digital spring tension testing machine, which is mainly used for tension, pressure and displacement of precision springs such as tension springs, springs, tower springs and leaf springs

at present, Siemens is continuously increasing its investment in the field of artificial intelligence in the Chinese market. The company's first artificial intelligence laboratory outside Germany will be located in Beijing, which is also the first industrial artificial intelligence center established by Siemens in the Asia Pacific region dedicated to cultivating creative ideas and promoting the implementation of Solutions. It can meet the requirements of gb228

At the summit, Siemens also announced to expand cooperation with Tsinghua University in the field of energy interconnection technology and applications, covering scientific research, innovation demonstration, talent development, knowledge exchange, regional ecosystem construction and other fields

in addition, the Siemens intelligent manufacturing Chengdu innovation center and the Siemens Industrial Software global R & D center jointly established by Siemens and the Chengdu municipal government will also be officially unveiled to provide digital solutions for local enterprises

data show that by the end of September 2018, Siemens had 21 R & D centers in China, more than 5000 R & D and engineering personnel, and about 13000 valid patents and patent applications. Over the past decade, Siemens has cooperated with more than 90 universities and scientific research institutions on more than 750 R & D projects in China. (end)


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