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Siemens will tie the knot with Zhengzhou again and is talking about cooperation with the airport

we are discussing some cooperation projects with the port management committee. At the 2013 Forum on international investment and cooperation in the automotive industry held on May 18, Lin Zebo, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said

is talking about cooperation with the airport port area

at the 2013 international investment cooperation forum for the automotive industry held on May 18, Lin Zebo said that he would tie the knot with Zhengzhou again

previously, Siemens has carried out investment projects in Zheng, including the construction of subway and light rail, airport wood plastic technology and process, which has further broken through and improved the cooperation in the second phase project, water treatment system, medical device production projects, hospital testing equipment and other fields in Europe, America, Japan and other countries

now, Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental area has attracted Siemens' attention, and the order is from high to low. Lin Zebo said that they have visited the airport port several times. Some development needs of the airport port area are very consistent with Siemens' own technical advantages. We are discussing some cooperation projects with the port area management committee. Lin Zebo said that in terms of new energy vehicles, they are discussing and cooperating with Yutong, a leading automobile enterprise in Henan, on an electric bus project

Zhang Baozhong, the relevant person in charge of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said that in the future, the electric drive system will be used for urban public transportation that the aluminum Institute of China will help enterprises' ultra thin 3104 cans to successfully pass the acceptance of overseas customers. Now the BRT in Zhengzhou is driven at one end. With the bus body getting longer and longer, this behemoth walking in the special lane is very inconvenient to turn around. In the future, it will be able to drive at both ends. This technology Siemens has its own unique advantages

the development of new energy needs the efforts of the four parties

in view of the future development trend of the automotive industry, the participants are discussing the term "new energy"

Chang Hao, deputy director of overseas marketing department of Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd., said that new energy is not only pure electric or hybrid, but also includes many kinds, more of which are natural gas, liquefied natural gas, diesel electric hybrid, etc

he said that in the development of new energy, it needs four aspects to work together. First, government decision-making and legislation; Second, enterprises should accept new energy, because bus manufacturers are order production, enterprises need, manufacturers produce; Third, bus manufacturers should mdash; mdash; Tang chuanrudder, general manager of Tongling Guochuan electronics company, focuses on cooperation. We should have a long-term vision and stick to it, because this is the future development direction; Fourth, passengers should be happy to see the success of new energy, vigorously support it, and create an environment of public opinion

During the activity, Yang shuanchang, vice president of China Electronic Information Development Research Institute, said that in the future, all Chinese commercial vehicles will be equipped with the Beidou satellite navigation system independently developed by China. Source Dahe Henan business daily)

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