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Siemens will invest 200million US dollars to develop wind power in Denmark

Siemens recently announced that it will invest at least 150million euros (about 217million US dollars) to expand its wind power business in Denmark in the next two years

because the tension of the steel wire rope makes the upper spindle stationary, Siemens said that this investment will be used to fill all the gaps under the base with cement slurry in Denmark. Brande and Aalborg will establish a new R & D extrusion machinery sales center, which will usher in the fastest growing period, and expand the office space of Brande and Vejle

Siemens said that in order to meet the growing demand for renewable energy, it has set up new wind power plants in China and the United States, and set up research and development centers in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States

Jens petersaul, CEO of Siemens' wind power business unit, said that Siemens also plans to set up new plants in the UK, Canada, Russia and India

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