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Siemens will set up a technology center in Taiwan

according to the Taiwan times, on August 26, the industry bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan successfully promoted Siemens, a large German controller manufacturer, to set up a high-end tool machine technology application center in Taiwan for the first time on May 9, 2019

according to the report, the Bureau of industry said that since the digital controller of tool machines must be produced in Taiwan from 2014 to continue to use the preferential tariff of ECFA, Siemens' first step is to set up a service center for ultra light earth 3D printing technology of technology and environmental protection materials in Taiwan, and the second step is to set up a factory in Taiwan. "Hu Qianlin said that the plan will be just around the corner

the report quoted officials as saying that Siemens was willing to come to Taiwan mainly because there are seven digital controllers in the ECFA early collection list, which are still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development and will have zero tariffs from next year

at present, there are about 50000 Siemens controllers a year, accounting for about 10% in Taiwan

in addition, Sauter, the largest manufacturer of turrets in the world, also plans to expand its plant in Taichung as soon as the end of this year, with an estimated investment of NT $200million

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