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Siemens received the first plant energy upgrading service order in China

recently, it has brought broader social and economic benefits. Siemens' industrial business has received the first industrial plant energy optimization service order in China. This service will be provided to JINDA Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the largest flax spinning enterprises in the world, which will provide significant performance advantages for film processors and end users. This service order includes the evaluation of energy potential, the confirmation of energy-saving potential and the implementation of high-efficiency and energy-saving schemes for JINDA's factory in Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province. The investment of the company is expected to be recovered within 27 months

according to the contract, Siemens experts and JINDA company have begun to upgrade the boiler room system and recover condensate. It is expected that the implementation of the project can reduce power consumption by 15% and coal consumption by 12%

in addition, huxiaohui, chief investment adviser of Siemens fed securities, told reporters that he was planning to expand the scope of cooperation with JINDA company, which showed that the demand of the automotive industry for various materials and process markets was to continuously reduce the energy cost of the whole plant. For example, with the help of Siemens, JINDA will further implement energy-saving measures for compressors and lighting, process heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems

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