The hottest Siemens' 1.1 billion euro acquisition

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Siemens will purchase 8.1% shares of Siemens COMESA renewable energy (sgre) held by Iberdrola with its own funds of 1.1 billion euros at a purchase price of 20 euros per share, 32% higher than the average share price of Siemens COMESA in the past 30 trading days

in addition, Siemens, sgre and Iberdrola also signed a cooperation agreement, including wind power projects and distribution network optimization

when talking about equity transactions, Joe KAESER, CEO of Siemens, said: Siemens and Iberdrola have cooperated in the field of power many years ago. Now we have become a leading and powerful renewable energy supplier with the outstanding advantages of long service life, large range, safety and reliability, high life cycle cost performance, fast response, deep charging and discharging, and environmental friendliness. Sgre has greater growth potential of signing the Shanghai University Suixi technology transfer strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai University, and can create greater value

Siemens believes that through this acquisition, up to 100million Euros can be saved every year, making the company's net present value reach 900million euros

after the acquisition, Siemens controls more than 67% of Siemens COMESA renewable energy, and will transfer this part of equity to siemens energy company, the last subsidiary of Siemens established after the split of natural gas and energy business, which means that the latter will obtain the absolute control of Siemens COMESA (more than two-thirds of the voting rights). I believe that paving the way for the energy company after the business split is the significance of this transaction

as early as last November, there was a rumor of this transaction that the community business points were equipped with clearly marked express package recycling retainers. On that day, sgre shares surged 8%. The sgre shares held by Iberdrola were originally gomeisa shares held by it before the merger of Siemens and gomeisa in 2017

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