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Siemens wireless product technology exchange was successfully held

on January 27, 2008, Siemens wireless product technology exchange was successfully held in Taiyuan. The purpose of this technical exchange meeting is mainly to promote wireless products. With the strong cooperation of our colleagues in Taiyuan office, we are honored to invite all OEM customers in Taiyuan, including Taizhong group, Oriental Logistics and other large enterprises. Most of the customers attending the meeting were technicians, who were very eager to understand Siemens' wireless product technology in detail

Siemens wireless product manager and relevant technical engineers made patient and detailed explanations for customers. The product manager mainly explained the theoretical knowledge of wireless products, enabling customers to understand the working principle and development process of Siemens wireless products from a macro perspective. Customers showed great interest in Siemens wireless products. During the explanation, customers raised questions from time to time, and the product manager also answered the questions raised by customers one by one

in order to achieve the expected effect of this technical exchange meeting, the conference organizer also brought the relevant product demos to the venue. In the next time, the technical engineer also conducted a field demonstration for the customer on the practical application of the demo. Under the guidance of the engineer, the customers present operated and displayed the products on site and discussed the problems encountered in the operation with the engineer. Our engineer also patiently answered the questions raised by the customers and gave many reasonable solutions

this technical exchange will promote siemens' wireless products and related technologies, and enable our important customers to have a further understanding of Siemens' wireless products and related technologies. After the meeting, the relationship between China and Malaysia was very good, and customers expressed their welcome to this kind of technical exchange meeting, even if it was running at full capacity, which was helpful to their usual work, and hoped that Siemens would hold more such activities. We will also hold similar technical exchange meetings in Guangzhou, Handan and other cities. Please continue to pay attention to the details

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