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Siemens' performance in the third quarter was robust, and the process industry and drive group appointed a new CEO

Siemens' new orders in the third quarter of fiscal 2015 (from April 1 to June 30, 2015) reached 19.9 billion euros, an increase of 4% year-on-year, including 1.6 billion euros of orders obtained by transportation group; Excluding the impact of exchange rate and business portfolio adjustment, the order volume decreased by 5% year-on-year

the revenue reached 18.8 billion euros, an increase of 8%; The shipment ratio is 1.05; Calculated on a comparable basis, the revenue fell by 3% year-on-year

the profit of industrial business reached 1.8 billion euros; The good performance of energy management group and medical group in terms of vision, touch and smell has made up for the decline of measurement wear error in power generation and natural gas group industry

net income of 1.4 billion euros; The basic earnings per share was 1.65 euros, an increase of 1.62 euros compared with the basic earnings per share in the third quarter of fiscal 2014. Our company's universal testing machines now mainly include electronic universal testing machines and hydraulic universal testing machines

The fixture on the experimental machine should be immediately aligned into a line

at the end of this quarter, power generation and natural gas group ended its acquisition of dresser Rand, greatly improving its business portfolio in the oil and gas industry and distributed energy power generation

despite the sluggish market environment, most businesses of Siemens in the third quarter of fiscal 2015 had solid profit performance. We expect to maintain this momentum in the fourth quarter and bring the fiscal year to a strong conclusion. Said Joe KAESER, President and CEO of Siemens AG


Siemens' expectations for fiscal 2015 remain unchanged. Especially due to geopolitical tensions and other reasons, Siemens believes that the 2015 fiscal year will still face a complex business environment. Calculated on the basis of organic growth, the company expects that the revenue of this fiscal year will be the same as that of the previous fiscal year, the order volume will exceed the revenue, and the shipment ratio will be greater than 1. At the same time, due to the impact of earnings brought by business divestiture, earnings per share (net income) in fiscal 2015 will achieve an increase of at least 15% on the basis of 6.37 euros per share in fiscal 2014. The company expects the entity business department to achieve a profit margin of 10% - 11%. This expectation does not include the impact of laws and regulations

personnel changes

process industry and drive Group appoints a new CEO

J rgen brands will succeed hewick as CEO of process industry and drive group. The appointment took effect on October 1st, 2015, and he Weike will leave the company at the end of this financial year

Brandes has worked at Siemens for 25 years and is currently the CEO of the traffic management business department of the transportation group. Previously, he served in the automation and drive business of the company and held several positions in Germany and other regions

we thank hewick for his contributions to different positions in the company over the years. Before being appointed as CEO of the group, he worked in China for several years and led the strategy Department of the company. We wish him every success in his future career. Said he Ruiqi, a member of the Management Committee of Siemens AG

Michael Peter, the current head of the trunk railway automation system business, was appointed as the new CEO of the traffic management business department, succeeding J rgen Brandes

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