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The development and reform trend of carton enterprises (V)

a more labor-saving and faster future

in recent years, the corrugated machine production management system and the corrugated machine scheduling system (corrugated machine production management system and ERP system, ERP system itself includes the automatic scheduling module of the corrugated machine) can be seamlessly connected. Orders can be directly transmitted to the machine through the interface, which reduces the cumbersome manual process of manual document printing and delivery, effectively reduces the probability of manual document input errors in the workshop, improves efficiency and saves manpower, and realizes the integration of business process and production process. With the further deepening of the informatization of carton enterprises and the integration of carton enterprises with customers and suppliers, the three parties will establish a good and fast supply chain connection, greatly reduce costs, improve efficiency and service quality, thus adding a new source of power to the development of carton enterprises

start "human power wins" day "Battle

profit decline, insufficient startup rate, limited competitiveness. Facing the current situation of thin profits in the industry, many carton enterprises begin to increase the scientific and technological content of their products, improve the product grade, or perfect the carton quality while reducing the price. However, to achieve these goals, in addition to the hardware - tile line health has always been the focus of attention, and the improvement of printing and other equipment, the most critical factor is" people " Only by making full use of senior technical talents and senior management talents and preventing their loss, can we overcome the current difficulties, break through the bottleneck of the development of the carton industry and start the battle of human resources to win the "heaven"

the current development situation is that while talents are generally valued, talent flow has become inevitable. Several families are happy and several families are sad. For those who hire talents with high salaries, such as treasure, there are many successful cases in the carton industry. The introduction of talents has changed the face of enterprises, and even some enterprises have undergone great changes in just two years because of the successful introduction of core talents. Maybe readers will also remember that it is also very important to test its fall resistance. We once reported that Gao's Group originated in Xianghe, Hebei

of course, there are also cases in which the "software system" is unstable due to the massive loss of backbone talents and front-line operators in the flow of talents, and neither technology nor quality can be guaranteed. As a result, orders can only be lost. Especially in the fierce market competition, such a situation is fatal to any carton factory

however, whether it is to introduce talents or prevent brain drain, carton enterprises pay more and more attention to talents. Because the product quality and service level, and then the win of customer orders and the expansion of profit space, will ultimately be largely determined by talent factors. Is the voltage of the nixie tube normal? For maintenance methods, please refer to Section 1 of nixie tube maintenance in Chapter 1

drawing on the experience of some successful enterprises, it is not difficult to find that in terms of talent attraction and utilization, they generally start from the following aspects:

attach importance to senior talents

as the technical and management backbone of senior talent reserve, it largely ensures the product quality and technical strength of carton factory, which is the key to form the core competitiveness of enterprises. They have accumulated rich production and management experience in the carton industry, and they have a relatively clear analysis and judgment of the industry. They are the think tank of the bosses of the carton factory. This kind of talents have high quality. At the same time, most of them are responsible for the important positions of the carton factory. Such talents play a decisive role in the development of the carton enterprise, whether in terms of technology grasp, quality control, or the medium and long-term development strategy of the enterprise. Carton enterprises must pay full attention to such talents, not only to be fully satisfied in material terms, but also to give full trust and a world to display their talents

everyone becomes a talent

for the carton industry, cultivating talents is not only necessary to ensure product quality, but also lays a foundation for the formation and reserve of senior talents. The carton industry has expanded on a large scale in recent years, and has embarked on production lines on a large scale, requiring a large number of operating workers. However, the relatively backward technical education failed to meet the needs of a large number of operators in time. Therefore, many newly recruited workers, as well as new employees who fill the loss of former front-line workers, must be trained before taking up their posts. And their technological operation level will directly affect the quality of products. With the fierce market competition and the pickiness and harshness of customers, the requirements for front-line workers naturally rise

in view of this, each carton enterprise must first establish its own employee training mechanism to improve the operating skills and technical level of employees through various channels. For example: design a full set of training plan according to the needs of employees, and continue to carry out it according to the process: select relevant personnel to study in training institutions or relevant colleges to quickly and comprehensively improve their level; select front-line employees to participate in exhibitions to help them timely understand the development trends of the industry and the latest development of equipment; specially invite experts to the factory to teach technical knowledge, etc

similarly, the management personnel of the enterprise will also play a very important role in improving the overall management level of the enterprise and controlling the product quality. Carton enterprises should also spend a certain amount of energy and material resources to improve the quality and level of the management personnel, so that they can better serve the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate corresponding training plans or special funds, improve the management level of our factory as soon as possible, and enhance our competitiveness

help them learn spontaneously, form a learning enterprise, and strive to make every employee become an independent excellent talent. Such talents will create a steady stream of wealth for the enterprise

pull back the brain drain

it is not easy for carton enterprises to cultivate a talent material performance, and the loss of a talent is more predictable, especially in the fierce competitive environment, any brain drain will make carton enterprises feel distressed

there are many ways to avoid brain drain. First of all, we should improve the salary, improve the employee welfare, reward and punishment, and evaluation system. Second, we should care about employees mentally, especially pay attention to each employee, help them improve their skills, encourage them, motivate them, and give them the opportunity to give full play to their talents; Establish communication channels with employees, face-to-face understand the actual situation of employees or various difficulties in life, try to solve the actual difficulties of employees, and let employees feel the care of the enterprise for employees: in addition, managers should also examine their own shortcomings, create a harmonious working environment for subordinate employees, and let talents have a sense of belonging

with the further opening up of China's market economy and the accelerated expansion of overseas enterprises, the increasing mobility of talents will be an irreversible trend. In particular, carton enterprises need to quickly adapt to the modern social economy and establish a set of effective talent mechanism to withstand the impact of talent loss and the improvement of talent requirements on enterprises

finding new ways to maintain competitiveness

each failed enterprise has its own reasons for failure, but most successful enterprises are similar, and must do well in every link. Strive to be perfect. If you can't do it well, you should also meet the basic requirements. Even if one link is not done well, the whole enterprise may be seriously damaged in the market competition

-- what is a "successful enterprise"

mining enterprise competitiveness, for carton enterprises, the main competitive pressure they face comes from new competitors, enterprises entering the expansion period, the production of other substitutes and the impact of the industrial chain. Some of these pressures come from within the enterprise, and some come from market changes. Facing the emergence of competitiveness related to carton enterprises, what countermeasures should carton enterprises take to change the current situation? There is no harm in considering ways such as updating production equipment, standardizing business models and other elements to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Make profits for the enterprise

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