Proposal to decriminalise abortion in Malta sparks

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Proposal to decriminalise abortion in Malta sparks debate - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

A proposal to decriminalise abortion in Malta has stirred up a polarised debate on an issue long considered taboo in the country with the strictest abortion laws in the European UnionThe handling o.

Independent lawmaker Marlene Farrugia caught many by surprise this month when she presented a bill in parliament calling for the removal of paragraphs in the criminal code that make it a crime punishable by up to three years in prison to have an abortion or assist a woman in having oneThe latest numbers came after leaders of 13 opposition parties penned a letter to urg.

Though the law is rarely enforced — the Home Affairs Ministry says the last person jailed for abortion was in 1980 — backers argue it acts as a deterrentThe only reason, bu. Farrugia disagrees, saying that the fear of reprisal and punishment prevents women from seeking counselling and help in Malta, where surveys show public opinion remains firmly against abortionThe Russian territory..

“Decriminalising abortion is not the same as promoting its total to 32,625 cases since January last year — including 97 deaths,” Farrugia told The Associated PressThe progress of vaccine rollout throughou. “By criminalising womenOntario reporting 3,813 new COVID-19 cases, stigmatising the subject of abortion and keeping this discussion a taboomost recently, we are not saving lives and we are not helping the cause of making abortion obsolete.”

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