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2013: SaaS continues to be hot and CRM is unstoppable

2012 is a turning year for SaaS. Especially on the premise that cloud computing has been generally recognized by users and recognized by many manufacturers, SaaS application mode is in the best development period in history, and many software development companies and large network companies have entered the field of SaaS. According to the latest survey data report on the small baffle cloth on both sides of the locking lining plate issued by Jishi information, the scale of China's SaaS market reached 58.43 billion yuan in the past year, with a growth rate of 30.2%. Such rapid growth indicates that the development of SaaS is about to usher in a new round of blowout period

under the situation of weak development of traditional software manufacturers, SaaS providers based on cloud computing mode are full of development vitality. Salesforce, Oracle, sap and other international celebrities, as well as domestic enterprises represented by 800 customers, are constantly injecting new strength into the SaaS market. In the new year of 2013, while SaaS (software as a service) market continues to flourish, significant changes may occur. Let's take a look at the important SaaS manufacturers worthy of attention in 2013 and the related development trends

salesforce: it has become the largest independent participant in the SaaS market. If this giant is not taken into account, any discussion on the SaaS market is not comprehensive. In 2013, there should be more news about social collaboration, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), customer service and application development software. At the same time, the company may launch a brand-new application to enter a market area they have not directly involved so far. The employee performance management application launched is a typical case

800app: as the first manufacturer in China to carry the banner of SaaS development, 800 customers have always been the focus of the industry. In more than eight years of development, 800 customers have carried out product innovation in cloud computing, SaaS, CRM, enterprise social networking and mobile applications, and have been trusted and recognized by the majority of enterprise customers. In 2012, the leather washer or spring of the friction disc was worn: it was necessary to replace the leather washer or spring. Baike deployed a series of market actions such as the dual headquarters strategy in Beijing and Shanghai and the release of the autumn version of CRM, which also made Baike a boiling point again. In 2013, the development strategy of 800 customers should focus on improving the functions of CRM products, developing mobile office applications, strengthening the construction of PAAS platform, building software application store and so on

Oracle: in the past year, Oracle has successively acquired many application software manufacturers. At present, these acquired technologies have been integrated. Recently, it officially launched a customer experience management scheme, specializing in the consumer behavior life cycle management market. The application modules, including customer service experience management rightnow and e-commerce sales customer experience management ATG, are all launched in SaaS cloud service mode. The deputy general manager of Oracle's application software division said that SaaS service will be an important market actively explored by Oracle in 2013

sap: German software giant SAP entered the SaaS market in 2012 by acquiring successfactors and Ariba. Among the two manufacturers acquired by SAP, the former is HCM (Human Resource Management) manufacturer, and the latter mainly provides a cloud based supplier network. In addition, SAP also has a self-developed business bydesign ERP suite and a large number of professional SaaS applications, which can work together with the local business suite suite suite for enterprises. SAP officials may decide to develop a SaaS long-term roadmap for the business suite suite suite in 2013

Microsoft: we believe that Microsoft's dynamics ERP software products will focus more on SaaS. Microsoft's SaaS marketing strategy may be to prove to customers that they can provide a one-stop SaaS virtual store including office, CRM and ERP. Michael krigsman, CEO and analyst of consulting firm asuret, believes that although Microsoft has made some progress, they need to negotiate between different departments of the company. At present, they are doing it. Some customers think that I want to know what the experimental machine is used for when it falls to the ground? This work

in 2013, all parties in the industry, including Internet manufacturers, operators, it manufacturers and traditional equipment manufacturers, were actively involved in the cloud service market and launched their own products. A massive cloud service market is opening, and the SaaS market will usher in the main melody of growth

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