Shantui domestic loader technology research passed

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Shantui "domestic loader technology research" passed the final acceptance

Shantui "domestic loader technology research" passed the final acceptance

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recently, Shantui organized the final acceptance meeting of the Institute level key project "domestic loader technology research". Xu Gang, the deputy general manager of the company, attended the meeting. The person in charge of the project, the project manager and the project manager of the General Research Institute ensured the stability of the sensor components, and the controller attended the meeting

Summarize the key characteristics of the loader in the project and the technical requirements of the loader group at home and abroad in accordance with the requirements of the product development plan of multiple regions and users; The matching situation of domestic loaders is analyzed and the cost is studied; Master the sales development trend, characteristics and user needs of the domestic loader industry, and lay the foundation for the company to form its own core technology

the acceptance personnel listened to the detailed report on the implementation of the project, reviewed the submitted acceptance materials, considered that the project team had completed the specified relevant contents, and agreed that the project passed the final acceptance

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