Russia withdraws from Iraq's anaral oil project

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Russia withdraws from Iraq's anaral oil project

Interfax news on the 25th reported that due to the political and economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Iraq, Russia's Lukeshi but no signs of oil production company has lost $63 million in its investment in Iraq, so it decided to withdraw from the anaral oil project. The company said it did not give up its power over the above projects and was ready to re-enter when the political and economic environment in Iraq improved

in 2006, Statoil of Norway (75%) and Lukoil of Russia (25%) jointly explored the analars oilfield, with 2 billion barrels of oil reserves

in 2009, the above two companies won the bid jointly in the West kurna-2 oil exploitation project in Iraq, and their oil reserves reached 12.9 billion barrels of adjusted passive needle compression spring screws

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