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Shenzhen 96510: the unified on call car rental service is launched. Do you dare not drive when you drink too much? Do you worry about your qualifications when you call the hotel's valet service? Yesterday, Shenzhen launched the car rental specialty for the first time. Citizens can book in advance after calling operators to participate. The person in charge of Shenzhen Road Transport Association said that the first batch of vehicles integrating 20 leasing companies will provide services with unified standards and prices

it has integrated 20 well-known car rental companies in Shenzhen and 300 tourist chartered cars. The car rental service platform 96510 for rental vehicles will be put into use from now on. Yesterday, the person in charge of Shenzhen Road Transport Association said in an interview that this is the first car rental in Shenzhen. It will provide all-weather business travel car rental, bus reform car rental scheme customization, self driving membership car rental and drunk driving services for units and individuals

according to the statistics of the association, there are more than 1200 car rental companies of different sizes in the city. The good and bad are intermingled, and the prices vary greatly. "Ordinary citizens or companies usually have to compare their goods to make a decision, and there is no clear price in the market, so it is inconvenient for people to rent cars." Nandu learned that the on call car rental platform, which was launched for the first time, has a unified charge standard for failure or pressing the stop switch during the test process by asking about the model and price. How can the public get the latest service? It is reported that GPS devices are installed on each car on the rental platform, and each driver is equipped with a POS machine. The dispatching platform can select the car rental company closest to the public and with the largest number of vehicles for shunting. When using it, you can pay in cash or swipe your card, and the driver will pay the quota invoice

when Nandu asked about the drunk driving service, the person in charge of the road transport association said that if citizens decide to drink during meals, they can book in advance to explain their needs, and the driver will arrive in advance. As for the bus reform project that attracts the attention of the society, the person in charge said that in fact, the platform has begun to make plans for bus reform and vehicle demand of large state-owned enterprises and institutions. "Generally, companies that do not require assets but only pursue profits will do so." As for the bus reform of government departments, the person in charge said that integrating the vehicles of existing car rental companies can also meet the demand for bus use. After the policy is liberalized, this will be another development of the car rental platform. It is necessary to check the development direction of the air circulation system. Nandu saw at the scene that the rental vehicles covered by this platform include Mercedes Benz, Audi and guangben, and there are also many luxury cars with license plates in both places. Car rental companies said that as fuel prices continue to rise, the demand for car rental from units and individuals will also continue to rise. They believe that the integrated platform will be conducive to saving social resources. Southern Metropolis Daily

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