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[] Mr. Liu, who has just completed the decoration of his new house, said that due to his busy work, he invited one of the best home decoration companies in Chengdu and fully entrusted the company to be responsible for the construction, and agreed in advance that the owner should be responsible for the brand and price of materials, and others should be responsible by the home decoration company. At that time, Mr. Liu thought that as long as he managed the brand and price well, and then went to the market, he could know the price of materials and the authenticity of quality, which would certainly not cost him money. But the result was far beyond his expectation

the design scheme is OK, and the construction quality is also good, but the material price provided by the company surprised me. Mr. Liu recalled that he was still helpless. An ordinary junction box sold for 4 yuan, and the same one in the market only cost 1 yuan; The sauna board with a market price of 27 yuan per square meter has become the exclusive use of the company. After importing white pine varnish sauna board from Russia, it will sell for 220 yuan/square meter! Looking at this quotation, I was speechless

learning from the bitter experience, Mr. Liu suggested that the new owners of the industry, in the actual home decoration process, for some decorative accessories, such as sauna board, junction box, hardware accessories, etc., try to buy them in the market in person, rather than directly use the materials provided by the decoration company

◆ find ghost Hall: materials are labeled as special supplies

some home decoration companies say special supplies to owners, in fact, they use some of the most common materials in the market and stick their own brands. A few days ago, an insider with several years of experience in internal material management of home decoration companies said that many brand companies are doing this now, but the materials used by brand companies are not poor in quality, and some are famous and high-quality products, but the price is 2 to 3 times higher than the ordinary market price

in the actual interview, I randomly asked several owners who were decorating their homes, and found that they knew nothing about the materials provided by the decoration company except through the leaflets issued by the home decoration company, such as brand, material, specification, label and so on. What is puzzling is that, despite this, these owners recognized the materials provided by the decoration company

although most owners are not familiar with decoration materials, they still trust regular brands. If such seductive words are added, the owner will not doubt whether the product is OEM. The source said that in addition to the cost increase of upstream material manufacturing enterprises, this false high price situation may continue for a long time

◆ rebates have become an industry consensus

the company's special cable box, 5 yuan each; Special slide rail, 180 yuan a piece; Special cabinet table, 1300 yuan a meter; Special wire, 80 yuan a meter; Special threading pipe, 45 yuan a meter The survey found that the material quotation of many home decoration companies was surprisingly high. You know, the ordinary wire junction boxes on the market sell for a few cents a low price, and only about 1 yuan a little better. But after the packaging of the home decoration company was turned into special use, the value immediately doubled. There is also the slide rail, which is the most common hardware accessories. The market price of high-quality products is only 70 or 80 yuan a piece, and the price is still doubled in the home decoration company, because it is dedicated




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