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High temperature in summer is the most significant climatic feature. Due to different regions and dry and wet environments, it will produce a hot and dry or humid and rainy climate. June is both summer and the beginning of the plum rain season for the south. Because there is much rain and acid in the plum rain season, and typhoons also begin to rage at this time, such a climate brings some inconvenience to everyone's life

now let Cuba Xiaobian give you tips, so that your kitchen can also spend the summer easily:

1: close the doors and windows

in summer, the weather changes rapidly, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, and the weather is cloudy and sunny, so when no one is at home, be sure to close the door and window of the kitchen to prevent sudden thunderstorms. If the doors and windows are not closed properly, the rain will hit the kitchen countertop, door panel and cabinet along the open and semi open windows, which may lead to watermarks and mottled spots on the countertop where the rain is stained, and the door panel and cabinet will also be eroded, expanded and deformed by the rain, affecting their normal use. At the same time, for example, hinges, tracks, etc., if they are eroded by the rain, rust spots, jams, etc. will appear, affecting their normal use, So in the Meiyu typhoon season, if you are not at home, you must remember to close the doors and windows of the kitchen

II: keep clean

"be prepared, be prepared." When the plum rain season is coming, Xiaobian warm tips: before entering the plum blossom, find a sunny day to thoroughly clean your kitchen. Take out the items that have been placed in the cabinet for a long time to bask in the sun, sort and remove some useless sundries, and wipe the inside and outside of the cabinet with detergent, especially the dead corners of the cabinet must be carefully wiped clean. I would also like to remind you that after cleaning, you must keep the cabinet dry, and there should be no residual water stains on the plate. At the same time, put a dust triangle in the dead corner. After cleaning, open the cabinet door for ventilation for half a day, and then classify and place the kitchen items needed this season in the cabinet, so that the troubles in the plum rain season are naturally far away from us

III: use kitchenware correctly

everyone can use the kitchen utensils in the kitchen, and they are easy to use, but easy doesn't mean you can use them correctly and scientifically. For example, some families do not operate correctly and clean up in time when using the sink. After each use of the tap, a little water stains remain on the bottom plate of the sink cabinet. Over time, scale and erosion form, which directly leads to the expansion and deformation of the plate and affects the normal use. Especially in the plum rain season, mold spots are more likely to appear in the eroded place of the sink cabinet floor, affecting the use of the cabinet and door panel. If the situation is serious, the only way to replace the sink cabinet floor is to replace it. This inadvertent habit not only brings losses, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to life. Small gains outweigh big losses

so the kitchen, especially the maintenance of cabinets in summer, can not be careless, Kuba Xiaobian's three tips for you are very simple. As long as you persist and develop good habits, I believe your kitchen will become a clean, comfortable and happy kitchen





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