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There is a huge gap between high-end and low-end aluminum wood doors and windows in terms of service life and product shape. Rocabo doors and windows is a product processed by multiple links and processes. With excellent processing and strong durability, it is the best choice for home doors and windows

most of the quality problems of low-end aluminum wood doors and windows will be exposed within 2-3 years of use, and once they occur, they are difficult to repair. On the contrary, high-quality products usually have a service life of 20-30 years or even longer, with an extra price of 30-40%, and you will get comfort and confidence in the whole process

select several important purchase indicators of rocabo doors and windows: process, quality, performance, including anti-theft, sound insulation, light transmission, sealing, decoration, thermal insulation, etc., which are mostly considered factors. The above is also the standard for evaluating our high-quality aluminum wood brand

because rocabo aluminum wood doors and windows are products processed by multiple links and processes, professional aluminum wood processing technology is very critical, which determines the durability, durability and service life of aluminum wood doors and windows. Each aluminum wood door and window must be treated with a unique process through professional equipment to change the fiber structure of the wood, and effectively control the expansion of the wood, so that the aluminum wood structure is more stable and durable to meet different climatic environments. The treatment of the paint surface requires not only to improve the wear resistance and perception of the aluminum wood door and window, but also to achieve excellent environmental protection performance

oak has excellent machining performance, strong nail holding force, good surface after dyeing and polishing, hard and heavy, strong bending strength and rigidity, high breaking strength, excellent steam bending resistance

after achieving water balance through natural drying, it is necessary to go through strictly controlled circulating steam drying method to meet the requirements of degreasing drying. It is also natural drying for 3-6 months, and the moisture content of wood is maintained at 8%-12%, so as to ensure the maximum stability of wood

at the same time, use the three-layer radial cutting finger joint plate to ensure the texture and strength, so as to remove the natural defects of the wood to the greatest extent

second, the wood releases stress, which offsets each other under artificial changes, ensuring no warping, no deformation, tight wood, high hardness, strong wood texture, and dry and straight lines

wind pressure resistance grade 6 air penetration grade 4 air sound insulation grade 4 thermal insulation grade 8

aluminum profile

spraying: the surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder, which is produced by AkzoNobel company in the Netherlands. Its advantages are

① anti UV color change

② anti chalking

③ high anti gloss performance

④ flawless surface

⑤ consistent color

⑥ high hardness

⑦ wear resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance

you can also customize various colors according to the color plate provided by customers to meet the needs of customers

glass configuration: glass is one of the important components of windows. Choosing high-quality glass configuration can increase the thermal insulation and sound insulation effect of windows

the standard Austrian lisek hollow double-layer tempered glass is 5+12a+5

there are other optional types: three glass and two hollow, coated, Low-E, etc.


water based paint wood paint expert

characteristics: it has extremely strong weather resistance and UV radiation resistance, and can be durable and effective waterproof and poison proof

the surface uses water-based penetrating impregnating paint and thick film water-based/oil-based finish paint, which is different from other products. This surface treatment method can immerse the liquid paint into the wood, so as to provide comprehensive and effective protection. The wood is free from the erosion of water vapor, acid and ultraviolet rays. It is bright and new, and the paint film has good adhesion. It has the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, insect proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti discoloration and non cracking

norto: German norto European standard hardware

to fully reflect the four superior functions of doors and windows: watertight, air tight, sound insulation and heat preservation, we must rely on the cooperation of hardware in addition to high-quality profiles and glass

grade and service life are the key factors that restrict the value and service life of doors and windows. Good hardware will not only make the doors and windows easy to use, but also extend the service life of the doors and windows to double the effect. According to the ergonomic design, the appearance is beautiful, the texture is fine and generous, the use of hand feeling is comfortable, and the push and pull is smooth

snap on connection: it effectively avoids the problems caused by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of aluminum and wood caused by climate change

in order to make the sealing performance of doors and windows lasting and stable

all imported EPO rubber strips are used

their surface quality, elasticity, heat and cold resistance and UV radiation resistance all reach the highest level of door and window rubber strips

effectively ensure the water tightness and air tightness index of doors and windows, which can be maintained for a long time




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