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Xinke wallpaper released the new Vienna spring series, let's go into Vienna in spring and feel the fashionable and romantic style

in geometry, a line is an invisible entity, which is the track left by a point in its movement. In the concept of home, she is like a meteor in the sky, dotted with any space. In a warm and comfortable home, you can sit around at home to enhance feelings, share your stories, and find a habitat for your soul to relax when you are tired

this version of wallpaper can perfectly present its style when matched with European furniture, simple modern furniture and neoclassical furniture

suitable for all kinds of background walls in bedrooms, study rooms and living rooms

size specification: 530*530

material characteristics: non-woven environmental protection material

simple and generous pattern, beautiful lines. It makes the whole room full of attraction. The classic pattern design exudes elegance, which not only adds romance to the style, but also shows its unruly nature. The elegant tone shows a sense of superiority in the bones, and the coherent patterns, light and shadow crisscross more temperament

applicable to: bedroom, living room background wall

use simple methods to achieve the balance and unity of design and function, and create a simple and fashionable home space. The color is simple, the shape is simple, and the beauty of tranquility and elegance. Curve stripes give people a sense of exotic wireless reverie in the sky, making the whole family look generous, warm, and elegant

applicable to: bedside and living room TV background wall

fresh and refined colors, with a non catchy line. Let the family suddenly feel warm, romantic pink checkered, giving people a lovely, warm feeling, like a girl's dream, very sweet. Pink is conducive to the growth of children and can cultivate girls' gentle and clever character. Sweet and exotic

applicable to: bedroom, TV background, living room, study, etc





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