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As the primary entrance to the home, most people pay special attention to dressing up, which not only requires its aesthetics to meet the requirements, but also Feng Shui matters can not be ignored. Some people will specially invite feng shui masters to give advice on their own dressing up. Of course, some people will query information online and avoid it by themselves. Of course, no matter which way, they should know Feng Shui knowledge and taboos in decoration in advance, So as not to affect the future life, what are the key points of Feng Shui in the hallway? Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian. I hope it will help you

what is the emphasis of Feng Shui in the hallway

1. The hallway should not be in the middle of the house

if the hallway is set in the middle of the house, it is equivalent to dividing the whole room into two, like a sharp blade inserted into the heart, so it is best not to choose this kind of house. If you have bought it, try to transform it as much as possible, and at the same time, the length of the aisle should not exceed two-thirds of the length of the house, otherwise it is easy to cause family conflicts, such as separation Divorce or accident, etc

2. Avoid darkness in the aisle

if the natural light in this area is not enough, then you can use some lights to make up for it to ensure sufficient light. Generally speaking, dark and narrow aisles are easy to gather Yin Qi, which makes the living people sleepless and dreamy. However, you should also avoid five colors and six colors of lighting, otherwise it is easy to make people hallucinate and get too excited. Therefore, the editor suggests using yellow light as the main light to increase the Yang of the aisle

3. Avoid facing the road directly in the aisle

if there is a long, narrow and dark aisle when you open the door, it will be a very bad home experience. If the aisle at home is facing the main road, because there is no shelter in the middle, the straight aisle will bring bad breath to the home, which is easy to destroy the aura of the home, resulting in bad luck for the family

4. The aisle should not be too long

if the aisle is too long, it will not only occupy a large area of the home, making the area of other areas smaller, but also the ventilation and lighting in the house will become worse. In addition, which kind of long and dark aisle is called Yin Dragon, which is extremely detrimental to fortune and has an impact on human health

hall aisle decoration precautions

1. Bathroom location

if there is a long aisle in the residence, then we must pay attention to its relationship with the bathroom. The toilet cleaning intelligence is located at the edge of the aisle, not at the end of the corridor. This is a kind of indoor flushing. The bathroom is directly flushed by the aisle, which is a sign of great evil, which is extremely detrimental to the health of the family and the harmony of marriage

2. Ceiling

as we all know, the beam has a heavy aura, so we must avoid its appearance when decorating the aisle, otherwise it will not only worsen the visual beauty, but also invisibly oppress the people living in the house. Of course, if there are beams, you can install fake ceilings or ceilings to hide the beams

summary: the article is about the content of the stress of the hall and aisle Feng Shui. I believe that all partners have a further understanding of the stress of the hall and aisle Feng Shui. Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the editor




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