Shaba, a violent monopoly decoration tenant in Qia

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Yesterday, the citizen Mr. Wang guide hotline 968801 reflected: “ The decoration market of Dazhou international Longjun community was ‘ Shaba ’ The black and evil forces monopolize, and the other party secretly colludes with the community property to exclude other decoration teams. There are two gangs in this group, most of whom are social youths. They are brutal, tyrannical and even hurt me& rdquo;

is it really what this citizen said? The newspaper reporter launched an investigation


getting ready to decorate the house “ Sha Ba ” Beating

Lao Wang rented a rough room in Dazhou international Longjun community on Qianpu North Road and was ready to move in under simple decoration

at about 10 a.m. the day before yesterday, Lao Wang discussed the decoration plan with several workers in the atrium of the community. One of the decoration workers took photos with his mobile phone. Suddenly, more than 30 young people (many of whom have tattoos) gathered around, and one of them slapped the decorator twice and asked why he took the photo. Lao Wang asked: “ What's the matter& rdquo; These people immediately pressed Lao Wang, and the beating man walked up to him and shouted: “ Who allows you to come and take photos? Do you want to do decoration& rdquo;

Lao Wang said: “ This is my house. I can decorate it with whoever I want. What does it have to do with you& rdquo; The man punched Lao Wang in the face: “ I'll hit you, okay& rdquo; Lao Wang replied: “ How dare you hit people& rdquo; The man punched Lao Wang in the stomach again, and Lao Wang squatted directly on the ground in pain. The man was still angry and kicked Lao Wang's lower body again

at this time, one is called “ Agen ” Young people of warned Lao Wang: “ Be careful, don't be so arrogant, we will make you look good& rdquo;

Lao Wang called the police on the spot. Except for hitting the man, others left immediately. After the police arrived, the beating man immediately lay on the ground and said that he was pushed down by Lao Wang. As Lao Wang was going to the hospital for examination, the police had to take the beating man away

the decorator, Lao he, also encountered “ Sha Ba ” Threats

Lao he said that a few days ago, he asked several workers to move some shelves and templates to the upper floor of the community, ready to make hanging plates for a house. As soon as they moved their things to the stairs, several young people stopped them, “ Who allowed you to move these things in? Get them away quickly& rdquo; Master he said a few words, and the other party threatened, “ Dare you try it here and see if I won't break your leg& rdquo; Master he didn't want to cause trouble and left depressed

Lao Wang told the Herald reporter that he knew these people were “ Shaba ”, They surround the neighborhood every day, and their people are staring in and out of the community& ldquo; They have two gangs, mainly composed of Anhui people and local people. They saw that I was looking for a decorator myself, so they found an excuse to retaliate against me& rdquo;

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