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It is said that if you customize a good wardrobe, you can sleep for an extra 10 minutes, save a lot of cleaning time, improve your dressing taste, improve the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and improve the quality of life, because...

it is said that

customizing a good wardrobe

can sleep for an extra 10 minutes

can save a lot of cleaning time

clothing taste will improve

the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will improve

the quality of life will improve


1. It's easy to customize the wardrobe

making more use of one square meter of space is equivalent to saving two months' salary. Customized wardrobe can be customized, wrapped around beams and avoiding columns, combined as needed, efficient and reasonable use of space, and more humanized design; At the same time, it can show your personality and meet your family's storage needs, solve your home decoration troubles... Save worry, money and space, and the key is to make your mother-in-law satisfied! Less worry, a good mood, conducive to sleep, can sleep peacefully every day, sleep time also naturally more, it can't be too good

2. Customized wardrobe with complete accessories and more scientific and reasonable functional layout

Stanley home - interior structure diagram of wardrobe

customized wardrobe has more professional functional spaces than finished wardrobe, such as long and short hanging positions, drawers, laminates, lattice drawer, trousers rack, full-length mirror, tie rack, etc. with complete accessories and clear functional zones, it is more convenient and fast to receive and take items. Even if you stay in bed for 10 minutes in the morning, you can dress calmly and go out beautifully

3. Customized wardrobe can save space, and small apartment can also be put

◆ wall type wardrobe

Stanley home in the United States - wall type wardrobe

greatly enhances the use area of space, which can not only effectively expand the living space, but also fashionable, better integrate with the overall environment, beautiful and practical

◆ extending the wardrobe to the top

American Stanley home - Design of the wardrobe to the top

customized wardrobe to the top extension design in the bedroom, so that the utilization rate of every silk and every millimetre of space can reach 100%, whether it is seasonal clothes or daily clothes can be collected! Moreover, the top-level design of the wardrobe will not let the dust fall on the top floor, which can greatly save the trouble of cleaning and save cleaning time

◆ wrap the beam and avoid the column

American Stanley home - wardrobe

customized wardrobe can well contain the beam and column in the bedroom, perfectly decorate the beam and column, both beautiful and increase the storage

◆ corner wardrobe

American Stanley home - corner space utilization

make full use of the original "dead corners", and can also reduce the trouble of cleaning up the "dead corners" in the home, making the space arrangement compact, orderly and aesthetic

4. Customized wardrobe with various types and novel styles

customized wardrobe can be designed according to the needs of the householder. It can be combined freely, or multiple drawers, or multiple partitions, or multi-functional cabinet combinations. It can also be added with pull baskets of any size in advance, which has higher integrity and randomness. There are various styles of customized wardrobe, and the cabinet door can be glass inlaid, aluminum alloy inlaid, patterned, and glass waistline... Various styles can be selected at will, even if you want one of them! The key is to avoid disputes between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law due to disagreement, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is more stable

according to the function combination, meet different storage and display, and improve your taste

◆ wardrobe + bookcase

American Stanley home wardrobe bookcase combination

◆ wardrobe + bookcase + tatami

American Stanley home wardrobe bookcase tatami combination

◆ wardrobe + TV cabinet

American Stanley home wardrobe TV cabinet combination

sliding door or flat door, waist line or not, you want it

◆ sliding door (sliding door), which does not occupy space, is light, practical, convenient and has a high space utilization rate

American Stanley home - sliding door wardrobe

waist line is like jewelry for sliding door. As for women, it defines the style of sliding door and determines the taste of sliding door; Wardrobe sliding door waist line design, fashionable and beautiful

American Stanley home - sliding wardrobe

the sliding door of the wardrobe has no waist line, which has strong integrity and is more concise and generous

◆ swing door, with low noise when opening and closing, long service life, and good sealing, heat preservation and dust prevention performance, is suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low-grade decorative doors

American Stanley home - swing door wardrobe

5. Customized wardrobe, durable, more environmentally friendly board, guaranteed quality

American Stanley home - customized wardrobe

◆ environmental protection

most of the substrates used in traditional hand-made furniture are wood core boards and decorative panels. Many products such as wood core boards and decorative panels on the market are inferior in level, and it is difficult to meet the standard in environmental protection and deformation resistance. The customized wardrobe mostly adopts E0 grade environmental protection plate, which is made by factory cutting, edge banding, hole arrangement and assembly. Glue and paint with high methanol content are rejected, with clear lines, moisture resistance, deformation resistance, strong wear resistance and high environmental protection

◆ long service life

from the perspective of long-term service life, customization is better than finished products. The materials or designs used in many finished products are not in place. After a long time of use, the door will fall off or the plate will be deformed. In addition to meeting the aesthetics and functionality, customized wardrobe has been carefully considered in ergonomics and mechanical design, and the cabinets made are relatively strong and durable

after reading so much, do you know what kind of wardrobe you need? Stanley home invites you to come to the mall, see, touch, and personally experience the mystery of customized wardrobe





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