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At present, there are not a few problems in the cleaning of the packaging of hand sanitizer, disinfectant and other clean and sanitary products in the washing products - the nozzle of hand sanitizer sometimes drips liquid even if it is not touched; The washing powder has not been opened yet, but a layer of washing powder has been attached to the outside of the bag... Such problems are not rare, which reflects many deficiencies in China's cleaning products packaging industry. Take washing products as an example. Although the whole industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, the product types have greatly increased, and new products such as liquid detergent have gradually increased, overall 2. Before the experiment, the heavy load of the experiment should be estimated, and the suitable sensor packaging level still lags far behind the international advanced level. As for the filling of traditional powdery washing powder, the mechanical design level of the packaging machine was not high when the concept was just put forward, so it can undertake the task of high-speed transmission. The quantity is not accurate, and the sealing of the plastic bag is uneven after sealing; The adaptability of powder with different fluidity and specific gravity and packaging with different specifications is poor, and the machine must be manually adjusted before filling, which takes a long time; The packaging equipment has a low degree of automation, and the output of the one-stop line filling machine for bag making, filling and sealing is small. Most enterprises use a single filling machine. In addition, a large amount of gas will remain in the packaging bag where energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered during filling. If it is slightly squeezed, the seal of the plastic bag is easy to crack, resulting in the leakage of washing powder. In order to solve this problem, some enterprises artificially prick some "exhaust holes" on the plastic bags to exhaust the gas in the bags, but the washing powder will be affected by moisture, affecting the quality of the products

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