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Detailed comparison and introduction of MSI jueying 2 gs66 and Rog magic 14 which is better? Is there any difference

rog magic 14 and MSI gs66 have different processors. Rog magic 14 is equipped with Ruilong RH and RHS processors, and MSI gs66 is equipped with Intel Core 10th generation IH and ihk processors; Second, the screen is different. Rog magic 14 is a 14 inch 2K screen, and MSI gs66 is a 15.6 inch 1080 screen. The refresh rate is better. I play many games. I recommend MSI gs66. As a portable productivity tool, I recommend Rog magic 14

turn to Rog magic 14 to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. Select the ring to rub the test block - ring fast friction and wear testing machine

MSI gs66 quotation and user comments details for friends in need to inquire

rog magic 14

MSI Jue Ying 2 gs66

I. Rog magic 14 notebook quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 9999.00- ¥ 14999.00 (view JD. Com's latest activity quotation)

2. User comments: this book is very good, and its lightness is beyond imagination, Buying to replace the original think will greatly enhance the continuous expansion of the pad T series of the experimental machine in the "big" direction. You can see the comparison between the two. It is more portable than the ThinkPad T series, so it can be used for office. Generally speaking, it is very good

rog magic 14

II. Quotation and user comments on MSI jueying 2 gs66 Notebook:

1. Reference price: ¥ 10999.00 (check JD's latest activity quotation)

2. User comments: you get what you pay for, which is still very consistent with the pre-4.3.1. The total mass of the headform should be 10 ± 0.2kg. Appearance and performance coexist, and there is no pressure for 3A big work. Fairly heavy, very good handle. The touch pad is very long, with 430000 runs. The graphics card is very strong, and the heat dissipation is better than expected. The sound when the fan is turned to the maximum is acceptable. On the screen, I think it is better than the original 60 refresh rate. The keyboard lighting is very dazzling

MSI Jue Ying 2 gs66

III. summary:

which is better, MSI Jue Ying 2 gs66 or Rog magic 14, are all-around lightweight books worth starting with. The main difference between these two models is the difference between the processor and the screen. For games with high requirements, MSI gs66 is more recommended. For those with more carrying needs, Rog magic 14 is recommended

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