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How about introducing TCL 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra thin curved full screen TV in detail? Starting with the evaluation and evaluation of the visual experience of

curved surface TV has been recognized by many friends. Curved surface display is now very popular, and many models of curved surface TV have emerged in household appliances. Today, we bring you this TCL 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra-thin curved full screen high-definition artificial intelligent network LCD TV. What is the function of this 7.9MM ultra-thin curved full screen and ink black front-end sound? Let's take a look at this TCL 55t3m's features, prices, and user reviews

tcl 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra-thin curved full screen TV

I. functional features and price introduction:

functional features: this full screen with full angle of view greatly reduces the visual restrictions and provides a wider field of vision. When the screen is lit, you can have a panoramic view; The TV adopts 7.9MM thin metal, which is close to the thickness. It adopts a new generation of design technology and an integrated body design, making the middle frame closely fit the screen, which can effectively prevent dust and moisture; The innovative front curved surface sound does not need to be reflected by the wall, and the advanced transmission through the air medium can make the sound and painting go hand in hand MEMC anti shake four-dimensional scene optimization, a73+a53 dual architecture CPU; Artificial intelligence voice control No remote control, tmall elf voice controlled TV, no need to hold and press, just listen and speak

tcl 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra-thin curved surface full screen TV

price introduction: TCL 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra-thin curved surface full screen TV will be much cheaper on the double 11 at present, and the price will be below 3000. 2. Detailed configuration introduction:

tcl 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra-thin curved full screen TV, Still quite satisfied. The image quality is also very good. Customer service is patient.

tcl 55t3m 55 inch ultra-thin curved full screen TV live shooting

2. This size is just right. The curved screen plus the sound modeling is very fashionable and atmospheric. The configuration is high. You can watch 4K movies smoothly without pressure. You can watch 4K wirelessly, and you are very satisfied with the definition. I was worried that the USB slot on the back of the wall would be blocked. In fact, it would not affect the plug-in of the USB disk after the wall is hung. There is enough space. Express delivery to the home. The installer didn't charge a punching fee for mounting the rack. He charged a shelf fee, which was very cheap. He also helped to calibrate the remote control

tcl 55t3m 55 inch 4K ultra-thin curved full screen TV

3. It's been several days since the arrival. I feel very good. The screen is very clear. In terms of the machining process of the electronic tensile testing machine, it's the same as what the store described. TCL TV has been used before. This time I bought it on the Internet, It's as good as the physical store, and the logistics is also fast. It's one day earlier than expected. It's a very pleasant shopping trip.

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