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Make a detailed comparison between Lenovo Savior y7000 and HP shadow Genie 4, and how to distinguish them.

recently, two cost-effective game books were launched in 2018: Lenovo Savior y7000 and HP shadow Genie 4. Both of these notebooks use the eighth generation Intel Core IH processor. The memory is 8g and the hard disk has mechanical hard disk and solid-state disk, which can be customized according to the needs. Therefore, There is no difference between memory and hard disk and CPU. The only difference is the graphics card. The Lenovo Savior y7000 currently uses NVIDIA geforce gtx1050 Ti, while the HP shadow wizard 4 uses NVIDIA geforce gtx1060, which is better than the HP shadow spirit 4

I started with this HP shadow Genie 4. Let's talk about my usage view: the shape design is cool and I like it. Playing lol DNL is very smooth. There is no card. However, it is somewhat hot. It is acceptable to use it with a radiator

transfer to the latest quotation of, transfer to the latest evaluation introduction of Lenovo Savior y7000 friends

many friends are asking which of the two Lenovo Savior y7000 and HP shadow Genie 4 is better configured and worth buying. Is there any difference? At the request of our friends, we have collected the following detailed information about the configuration comparison and heat dissipation performance test of these two notebooks, and the analysis of users' evaluation and comparison. I hope it can help the friends who need to choose these two notebooks for reference. These two notebooks are divided into i5 and i7 versions. Today, the configuration of the i7 version is introduced

1. Comparison of configuration parameters between Lenovo rescuer y7000 and HP shadow Genie 4:

1. Configuration parameters of Lenovo rescuer y7000 i7:

2. Parameters of HP shadow Genie 4:

2. Comparison of user start performance tests between Lenovo rescuer y7000 and HP shadow Genie 4:

1. Lenovo rescuer y7000 started soon. There was no noise in sound quality and the sound was pleasant. It has a nice appearance. The video is very clear. There are no ripples or other color blocks. The CPU is i7 8750h processor with fast access speed. 1050ti 4G independent display can play large-scale games efficiently and smoothly. It does not need an independent display larger than 4G. It runs with 8g of memory. It already runs very smoothly. It does not need 16 or 32g of memory. It costs a lot of money. These configurations meet the performance requirements of going to work, watching movies, chatting, working, drawing, playing large-scale stand-alone games or large-scale network games. In addition, the interface 3.0 can upload things quickly from the U disk. There are also 128G solid-state drives. Whatever you want, you can also buy 256512. I think 128 is enough, mainly the graphics card and CPU. These two configurations are more effective. I buy the others according to my own needs. I am a software engineer. Such a configuration is enough, with the highest cost performance. The computer is updated quickly. Such a configuration is also enough for further development Master Lu gave a good score, totaling more than 230000 points

2. HP shadow Genie 4 has just started. This screen has beautiful picture quality, excellent audio quality, rich and practical interfaces, and powerful and extraordinary performance. What I like most is this gorgeous noble purple! What a model of elegance and luxury! Perfect! As for the fever, the temperature at the left palm rest is OK. The temperature is mainly concentrated in the audio position. There is absolutely no problem with daily use. I had a problem with the heating of the right palm rest before. Just update the BIOS. What I am most satisfied with is the housekeeping service provided by HP, which uses graphene as the filler of nanocomposites. It solves problems manually. It is very good. As for the heating, it can be cooled effectively by padding it up and then reducing the CPU voltage, or disabling the Rui frequency. There are many kinds of them, and I don't want to change the silicone grease The following is Master Lu's score of more than 230000


pipes made of thermoplastic materials or glass fiber and strong plastics that meet the experimental requirements of national, international and industrial standards are generally used to deliver water or steam. The configuration comparison between Lenovo Savior y7000 and HP shadow wizard 4, user evaluation and comparison, and Master Lu's evaluation and comparison show that basic users respond well to these two models. The graphics card is slightly better in configuration, but the price is also much higher, In terms of heat dissipation, everyone has responded. HP and Lenovo both have good heat dissipation and poor response. It mainly depends on their personal use. More system optimization and external radiators can still solve the heat dissipation problem. You are welcome to share your comments and express your feelings about use. "Recommendations for more popular notebook models of zentmall"

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