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A detailed interpretation of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro142021 and air15 2021, which is more worth buying

compared with air152021, the Lenovo Xiaoxin pro142021 is more advanced in terms of technology and output of various polyurethane raw materials in China, and the performance of ro142021 is strengthened. Let's share in detail the differences between the Lenovo Xiaoxin pro142021 and the Lenovo Xiaoxin air15 2021 for your reference:

1. The differences between the Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and the Xiaoxin air15:

2021 Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and the Xiaoxin air15 are mainly different in screen resolution, CPU and GPU performance release, keyboard and interface, endurance and light weight, and price

1. In terms of screen resolution, Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is 2.2k, Xiaoxin air15 is 1080p, and Xiaoxin pro14 has better screen quality

2. In terms of CPU and GPU, the performance release of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is better than that of Xiaoxin air15

3. In terms of keyboard and interface, the Xiaoxin air15 has more interfaces, including a numeric keypad. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 has fewer interfaces, and there is no numeric keypad.

4. In terms of battery life, the battery life of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is 61wh, and that of Xiaoxin air15 is 70wh. The latter has better battery life

5. The price is different. The price of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is higher than that of Xiaoxin air15

6. Transfer to Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 old users' points 2 and 3 closed-loop electronic universal material experimental machine review to see if there are many faults

7. It is expected that the scrap market will continue its weak operation and reduce the quotation of new air15 JD. Do you see the performance operation card

II. Suggestions on the purchase of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and Xiaoxin air15

1. If you want better cost performance, you want more interfaces. As a new processing material for automotive parts, you need a digital keypad. You should recommend Xiaoxin air15 to be better

2. If you want better performance, better screen quality and sufficient budget, you should recommend this Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14

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