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Detailed evaluation and introduction: which of Lenovo Xiaoxin R5 and i5 processors is better? What's the difference

the main difference between the Lenovo Xiaoxin notebook core i5 and the Rui R5 dragon is that the CPU platform is different. The Ruilong version does not have fingerprints and has dual memory channels. The Lenovo notebook has a higher cost performance than the Ruilong. For details, please refer to the following:

1. If it is only used for general office purposes, such as ordinary Word Excel ppt PDF based people, it may be enough to buy the Ruilong processor

2. If you want to use it for professional purposes, such as CAD, 3D, code compilation, software development, hardware design and drawing, you must buy the Intel Core Processor version, or you may regret it

more users' comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the 10th generation Lenovo Xiaoxin air14

for your reference

how Lenovo Xiaoxin 14 is used by the friends of the sharp dragon version

hope to help you compare the quotations and comments of the 2nd and 10th generation Lenovo Xiaoxin 14 and air14:

1, Lenovo Xiaoxin 14 sharp Dragon

reference price: ¥ 4499.00 (view the quotation of JD events)

user comments: brain is easy to use, and the speed is very fast, Basically, the second is on. My favorite is this small keyboard, which allows a 14 inch computer to be used as a 15 inch computer, which is very convenient for financial personnel. It is convenient to carry out, small, light and thin. It can extend the driving mileage. The workmanship is very atmospheric. The memory ddr42400 can also work. Unfortunately, it can't add memory. 8g office space is enough. Don't worry

2. Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 10th generation i7 version

reference price: ¥ 5999.00 (check JD event quotation)

user comments: running speed: brand new, i7 10th generation, 5 seconds after startup, fast fingerprint identification, enough for daily office work

screen effect: Hd 1080p 72% NTSC color gamut, panoramic Dolby sound effect, and watching video and chasing plays at ordinary times

appearance: light luxury gray, low-key yet luxurious

lightness: quite light and thin, portable

III. summary:

Lenovo notebooks currently use more universal tensile testing machines, electronic tensile testing machines and other core and Ruilong. In general, Lenovo's small new cool series is better in workmanship, equipped with the latest ten generation processors, with a lot of performance improvement, He added that the goal of the researchers is to ensure that degradable polymers are suitable for 3D printing

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