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Tianqi Futures: rijiao low-level wait-and-see, Shanghai Jiao sideways consolidation

Shanghai Jiao opened high and went low today, pressured by technical pressure and further decline of energy commodities. The main contract ru0807 opened 22085, and the futures price fell violently after the opening. After the 22000 integer level fell, it was difficult for the market bulls to form an effective upward trend. Under the pressure of selling, the futures price fell violently. In the afternoon, with the increase of short covering, the futures price rose slightly, with an intraday low of 21735. The final market closed at 21965, down 10 points from yesterday's closing, with 128924 transactions, 164 positions reduction and 55346 positions

tocom rubber futures fluctuated in a narrow range on Monday, with sluggish market trading and range fluctuations. Investors chose to exit due to the lack of strong guidance. Traders said that the weakness of crude oil prices and the decline of precious metals may depress sentiment. Although the basic old-fashioned models are powered on, the stability of spot prices may limit selling interest. The short-term support of TOCOM rubber futures may be 270 yen. The benchmark August RSS3 contract hovered above 270 yen throughout the day

in the spot market, affected by the weak downstream demand, the market quotation of CIS polybutadiene rubber in Zhejiang is about yuan/ton (the high-end is Yanhua rubber); Market turnover is low. In Tianjin, the price of rosin butadiene styrene 1502 is about 18800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of 1712 is about 14600 yuan/ton. Downstream enterprises often take rosin gum with them, and the market trading is flat; Due to the tight supply of oil filled rubber and the increased demand of downstream enterprises, the market transaction atmosphere is good

China's customs has taken a step to improve production efficiency. The preliminary data recently released by the State Administration of Customs showed that China imported 130000 tons of natural rubber in February. Data showed that China imported 310000 tons of natural rubber per month, an increase of 22% year-on-year. Judging from the import data, domestic demand still maintained a strong growth momentum

energy commodities fell further, the impact of U.S. economic worries on the market further deteriorated, and the commodity market as a whole was under great pressure; Tianjiao is still playing the role of marginal variety in 2008. Speculative funds occasionally appear in this market, which also makes Tianjiao show a wide-ranging trend. There is no coordination of sustainable trading volume, and its position is also at a relatively low level. If Shanghai Jiao wants to make a difference in its current dilemma, the funds needed are British ICI (acquired by AkzoNobel), American DuPont, American Solvay Germany BASF and Hoechst have given good cooperation in volume and position; At present, the Japanese glue fund is still dominated by position reduction, and many orders of several major speculative funds have been left. The continuous position reduction and wait-and-see for many days has almost made the Japanese glue spit back the increase since the beginning of December 2007. The sharp decline of the Japanese glue also makes it difficult for Shanghai glue to get guidance on the outer market. There are signs of further downward movement in the short-term Shanghai glue shock range, and the 22000 level will still be the key position for long and short positions in the future; In terms of operation, a small amount of empty ideas are involved

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