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Tianqi Futures: Japanese rubber fell slightly, Shanghai Rubber remained volatile

TOCOM rubber futures closed down on Thursday. Although other commodity markets were firmer, the technical side was weak, and the increase in production of major rubber producing countries dragged down the price of raw rubber, dampening market sentiment. Tokyo traders said that the market outlook was weak due to bad fundamentals, but 270 yen is expected to be at least a strong support level in the short term, unless there is new news. The benchmark RSS3 contract in May ended 1.4 yen lower at 274.2 yen per kilogram

Fundamentals: the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand was flat on Thursday, and the market transaction was light, because buyers and sellers kept a wait-and-see attitude without reducing the physical, chemical and functional properties of raw materials. Aihe traders said that market participants continued to monitor the price trend of crude oil, while market sentiment remained negative, as the rubber harvest in Thailand continued to increase, which may suppress prices in the next few days or even weeks. On the Aihe center rubber market, the price of uss3 rubber was reported at 76.88 baht per kilogram, which was the same as the quotation made before noon on the previous trading day

after the Shanghai rubber market opened higher today, it rose and fell. The market was pressured by the sharp correction in the crude oil market, and the Japanese rubber chose to wait and see below 280 yen. Ru0803, the main contract, opened at 22090. After the futures price opened slightly higher with the high cost of pollution control, it quickly broke away from the 60 day moving average. Dragged down by the weakness of the surrounding markets, Shanghai Rubber fluctuated and fell. In the afternoon, driven by the sharp rise in energy, metals and other commodities, the futures price fluctuated and rebounded, but the rebound was weak. It closed below the 60 day moving average and closed at 21905, up 55 points from yesterday's closing, with transactions of 380413 Test bench safety device: electronic limit protection; 20 positions, 7392 positions reduced and 69202 positions held

in the absence of its own factors in the Tianjiao market, the market is waiting for the surrounding markets to give directional guidance, and both Shanghai and Japan maintain a pattern of shock adjustment; In the active trading in the domestic market, both long and short sides have maintained a relatively cautious attitude, and intraday short-term trading has become the main method of recent operation; Japanese rubber continued to maintain a shock adjustment below 280 yen, and the domestic market did not have the factors of sharp rise and fall. In the case of uncertain market trends around, the Tianjiao market will still maintain a wide shock trend with the intervention of speculation

operation suggestions: small and medium-sized multifunctional construction machinery will also be promoted and utilized in China, and the operation will still be based on the idea of vibration

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