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Tianqi Futures: rijiao sideways wait-and-see, Shanghai Jiao is restricted by the surrounding markets

Shanghai Jiao opened higher today and fell back, and the market suffered another sharp intraday decline. Ru0807, the main contract, opened 23850. After the high opening of the futures price, the inertia rose. After reaching the 24000 level unsuccessfully, the futures price fell back. Before the noon close, the domestic commodity market fell across the board under the influence of the decline of oil commodities. Shanghai rubber also heated the foaming process. Due to the relatively calm time, it followed the wave and fell nearly 300 points. In the afternoon, with the recovery of the surrounding markets, the futures price also rose to near yesterday's closing price, with the lowest intraday falling to 23280 and the highest to 23925, The end of the market closed at 23485, down 75 points from yesterday's close, with 112614 transactions, 2788 position increases and 55852 positions

tocom rubber futures opened higher and went lower on Thursday, driven by the strong rise in crude oil prices. In addition, the bullish fundamentals and the strong spot market also provide support, but the market still needs new favorable news to push the price above the 310 yen resistance level. The benchmark RSS3 contract in August basically fluctuated below 310 yen throughout the day

in the spot market, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand rose on Thursday, following the rise of TOCOM rubber futures market. Limited supply also provides support during winter. Aihe traders said that the trading volume was stable, and buyers expected the rubber price to rise further due to the strong rise in crude oil prices, so they replenished the inventory at the current price. On the Aihe center rubber market, the price of SS3 rubber is expected to be 83.50 baht per kilogram after half a month of catalyst heating and reduction, and 82.90 baht per kilogram before noon of the previous trading day

market uncertainty may occur at any time. Today, the domestic market suffered another intraday plunge after Tuesday's sharp fall. The time for the Shanghai market to use the pressure testing machine was implicated. Shanghai Jiao fell sharply by 300 points. Although it later recovered part of the decline, this sharp decline greatly dampened the confidence of speculative bulls to go long; From the recent trend, Japanese glue began to enter the sideways adjustment period. From the change of the fund's position, the long camp also waited for the market to give new directional guidance. It is expected that in the short term, when the fundamentals are relatively stable, there will not be much change under the influence of exchange rates and other factors. At present, the trend of Shanghai Rubber and Japanese rubber has deviated, and they play a supporting role of passive follow-up due to the linkage of the domestic overall commodity market. From the perspective of technology, the short-term average suppression is more obvious. In China, low-energy construction projects include venues such as the Hamburg Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo and the demonstration project of the model road science and technology innovation park in Gulou District, Nanjing, etc., and short sellers take the initiative in positions. There is a great possibility that the futures price will be sorted out around a large range. In operation, short orders are bargain hunting and profit reduction

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