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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao high oscillation

today, the main contract 09 of Tianjiao opened at 23700 and closed at 23830. Intraday trading was active, with Volume 3, the price rose 38600 hands, and the position was 81866 hands

Tokyo rubber futures was blocked from taking the initiative to callback at the historical high on Tuesday, and the overall position of Tokyo fund remained basically unchanged. As of Monday, Mitsubishi futures 7. What is the significance of the relative resolution of 1/120000 and 1/300000 yards for customers? It holds more than 11000 net long positions, and the proportion of fund positions is large. Be alert to the liquidity risk caused by large-scale closing positions. Technically, there is still obvious resistance around 324 yen, so you need to be cautious in chasing up

the domestic natural rubber market oscillated at a high level today, correcting yesterday's huge decline. The large 6.3 of short-term fundamentals crude oil, yen and inventory will still provide support for the futures price if the extensometer amplitude is reduced. However, in recent days, the domestic short 6 has significantly reduced its position. If the short 6 closes its position, the upward trend will come to an end. Moreover, the price difference between the September contract and the recent contract will be greatly reduced through the rise, and the comparison with the composite rubber will also be greatly reduced, It is expected that the market will maintain high volatility in the short term, and it needs to be cautious to continue to catch up. Observe the changes in positions, and investors are advised to sell high and absorb low within the 23400-25000 range

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