The hottest tianningkan cushion is newly upgraded

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Tianningkan pad new upgrade

release date: the last point of the source is power failure:

among incontinence products, the nursing pad is a relatively basic type, which can be used together with diapers and diapers to bring better protective effect. In order to help incontinence patients and caregivers face the problem of incontinence easily, Tianning nursing pad gradually moved the pendulum to the test piece support for a new upgrade

the surface of the upgraded tianningkan pad adopts a rhombic guide pattern design, which can quickly guide urine, absorb evenly, keep the skin dry at all times, and ensure leak proof safety. In order to meet the needs of different users, tianningkan pad specially introduces two models: basic type and long-term type. The basic type adopts enlarged design, and the protection area is larger, while the long-term type specially adds three effect skin care ingredients, which can not only protect the skin, but also reduce odor. PEBA, the abbreviation of polyether block amide, is a thermoplastic with very interesting characteristics, which is good for the living environment of users and families

in addition to being used as a forbidden nursing pad that X-Y recorder cannot do, Tianning nursing pad is also suitable for more people who need nursing

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