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Wang Tiankai: the exhibition is a window for technological innovation of fabrics

on March 30, Wang Tiankai, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, and his delegation visited the booths of many enterprises in the fabric exhibition. Wang Tiankai said that a distinctive feature of this year's spring and summer fabric exhibition is that enterprises have actively developed differentiated fabric products that can replace cotton fibers in response to high cotton prices, and achieved excellent results, "which impressed me the most", he said

at the exhibition booth of Shandong Ruyi group, President Qiu Dong introduced to Wang Tiankai the latest high-end brand "Royal Ruyi" series fabrics created by the company. Relying on Ruyi spinning technology, this series of fabrics are woven with 200 100% cashmere, and apply elements such as Chinese traditional Confucian culture and ink painting to the products. The selling price reaches 2580 yuan/meter, which is very popular in overseas markets. Wang Tiankai asked whether the product adopts foreign technology and foreign design. Qiu Dong replied, "this is a product that we have completely independently developed. Foreigners have fallen behind in this regard." Wang Tiankai nodded and praised

answer: being able to complete three or more experiments is collectively referred to as universal testing machine. At the booth of Tianhong company, the person in charge of the company introduced that in order to cope with the impact of high cotton prices, enterprises have adopted chemical fiber super spinning cotton technology to replace raw cotton fibers. Wang Tiankai said that the industry should pay attention to the shortage of raw materials and make efforts to develop alternative cotton fibers to ensure the stable development of the industry. The person in charge of the company also briefly introduced the enterprise's "going out" strategy. Wang Tiankai spoke highly of Tianhong's "going out" overseas development. He said: "Tianhong should become a successful model for textile enterprises to" go out "

when Wang Tiankai visited an Italian enterprise, the staff showed a shirt sold for 8000 yuan in Europe. The shirt was made of 300 pure cotton yarn fabrics, and the company had its own cotton base. Wang Tiankai watched the products carefully and looked through the company's brochure. He said that high quality should start with cotton at the source

the export share of Hunan Huasheng Zhuzhou cedar Co., Ltd. to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The products of Hunan Huasheng Zhuzhou cedar Co., Ltd. are mainly exported to the Japanese market. Wang Tiankai said that the progress of hemp textile products is obvious, but it is necessary to study how to do a good job in the domestic market. Therefore, the research on the reinforcement, toughening and cost of aerogel has become the key to affect its wide use as a high-performance light transmission and heat insulation material in the field of building energy conservation, not only to do a good job in products, We should do a good job in the market

in front of the booths of companies such as maxima, Huafang, Silke, black peony, Xinmin technology, Nanshan, etc., Wang Tiankai carefully asked about product innovation, raw materials used, energy conservation and emission reduction, and market sales. He said that product quality is all-round, and innovative ideas should be made in raw materials, equipment, technology and management. At the same time, he also proposed that the display of fabrics should pay attention to artistry, "here is the window of fabric scientific and technological innovation, so people should have a few more eyes."

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