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Tianqi Futures: there is no obvious direction in the market. Shanghai Jiao continues to be weak.

Shanghai Jiao continues to open high and go low today. The short-term technical pressure of the market is large, and the market bullish sentiment is scarce. Ru0807, the main time fast and time slow contract, opened 22585. After the high opening of the futures price, it fluctuated and fell. The market still failed to break through the 22600 first-line pressure zone. Due to the lack of effective factors to promote the rise of the futures price, and the market selling pressure was still strong, the futures price soon fell back to the 22150 first-line, and the tail market closed at 22235, 125 points lower than the closing of the previous trading day, with 140458 transactions, 3748 position increases, and 51174 positions

tocom rubber futures rose slightly on Monday, encouraged by the rise in crude oil prices and precious metal futures. Traders said that the rise in raw material prices also provided support for the market. After recently breaking through the resistance level around 290 yen, the market is expected to continue to rise, although the futures price will continue to fluctuate under the influence of the trend of surrounding markets. The benchmark RSS3 contract in September also stabilized above 290 yen per kilogram throughout the day

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the spot market, and the domestic spot remains stable; The quotation of Yunnan standard 1 in Zhejiang is about 22800-23000 yuan/ton; The quotation of imported latex is about 16200 yuan/ton with ticket; The quotation of Thailand 3# cigarette with ticket is about 24600/ton, and that of Vietnam 3L with ticket is about 23500 yuan/ton. The quotation of traders is stable, and the overall transaction is good. The domestic styrene butadiene rubber market is still in a downturn. The market price of rosin type rubber is moving forward steadily, and the mainstream market price of rosin type rubber 1502 is. Downstream enterprises mostly purchase on demand, and the market transaction is flat, and the situation has not improved yet. Driven by petrochemical enterprises' successively raising the ex factory price of oil filled rubber 1712, the domestic oil filled rubber market price continued to rise, and the market price rose to, with an increase of. The reason for this is that the tight supply of oil and rubber continued

the spot rubber price in Asia has not changed significantly recently, the market trading is quiet, and the fluctuation of the futures market price range has failed to provide direction for the spot market. However, by the end of April, rubber production is expected to speed up, as Thailand and Malaysia will usher in cool weather

the Tianjiao market is still not performing well. In the short term, under the influence of the lack of its own hypable themes, the market is still dominated by wait-and-see sentiment; Japanese glue performed better than Shanghai glue. With the weakening of the yen, Japanese glue began to stand above the 290 yen level. However, from the performance of the fund, at present, only Mitsubishi is more determined to increase its positions, which also shows that the wait-and-see mood of the market is still heavy; Under the pressure of resolute selling by the main short sellers, Shanghai Jiao is still suppressed below 22600 in the short term. The market lacks obvious substantive buying cooperation, and it is difficult to enlarge the trading volume and position. Therefore, it is the key to pay attention to whether the domestic market can attract the intervention of buying in the short term. From the perspective of technology, the pattern of shock is still continuing, and the bottom of short-term shock is basically determined at the 22000 line. In the absence of fundamental factors and the guidance of surrounding markets, investors should still maintain the thinking of shock operation; In terms of operation, fenggao zhankong is the main player in the field of 3C lithium-ion batteries

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