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Tianma LTPS production line will use Corning lotusxt glass

today, Corning Corporation (NYSE Code: GLW) and Tianma microelectronics group (Tianma) jointly announced that, Tianma low temperature "although this number is getting smaller, the production line of polycrystalline silicon (LTPs) panel will choose Corning lotus? XT glass. International information display 5. Light source (tungsten halogen lamp): 12V 100W Society (SID) The Display Week exhibition will be held from May 21 to 23 in Costa Rica, Canada, where the warm friction force is detected by the pressure sensor and eventually transmitted to the computer for data processing and drawing the friction coefficient curve. At that time, Tianma and Corning will display these panels at their respective booths. Tianma booth is 206 and 221, and Corning booth is 801

last week, Corning held the second generation lotus XT glass promotion conference. This kind of glass has extremely high dimensional stability and can realize the efficient production of high-performance displays

Tianma is the world's leading manufacturer of small and medium-sized thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD), which uses high-temperature manufacturing processes with strict requirements for glass quality to produce LTPS products

lotus XT glass performs very well in LTPS manufacturing environment. Due to its high thermal stability, it can maintain its shape and surface quality in the customer's manufacturing process. In addition, lotus XT glass has the best performance in terms of total spacing Deviation -- better than Corning lotus? Glass increased by 75% - thereby achieving a higher yield. Due to its inherent dimensional stability, it can also help HD displays meet higher pixel per inch (PPI) requirements

Tianma chose lotus XT glass for the production of its LTPS backplane because it valued the excellent performance of this glass. Tianma's LTPS production line is located in Xiamen, China, with a monthly production capacity of 30000. There should be no obvious dislocation of TFT modules and more than 30000 color filter modules. This is the leading 5.5 generation LTPS production line in China

the LTPS panel produced by Tianma will be supplied to its customers for the production of high-definition smart and tablet computers with PPI definition. At present, Tianma panel is positioned at inch smart and inch tablet computers

"we decided to choose lotus XT glass mainly for two reasons: better performance in total spacing deviation and Corning's glass professional technology and quality," said Wang Lei, executive deputy general manager of Xiamen Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd, "Through the strict testing in our manufacturing cycle, it is found that this kind of glass performs very well and can fully meet our strict design specifications and the requirements of precise positioning of components. For us, lotus XT glass is an ideal solution for our advanced LTPS production line."

"we are very happy that Tianma chose lotus XT glass," said John Bayne, vice president and general manager of CORNING high performance display department. "This kind of glass developed by Corning is to help panel manufacturers improve yield and expand their design limits, which just meets the requirements of Tianma for high pixel intelligence and tablet computers."

Tianma LTPS panel is expected to be launched in June this year

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this draft contains predictive statements (in line with the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995), which are based on the forecasts and assumptions of Corning's current financial statements and operating conditions, involving various business risks and other uncertainties that may materially differ from the actual results. These risks and uncertainties include: the possibility of changes or turbulence in the global political and business situation; Financial and credit market conditions; Currency exchange rate; Tax rate; Product demand and industry capacity; Competition; Centralized customer group dependency; Production efficiency; Cost reduction; Availability of key components and raw materials; Output of new products; Price fluctuation; Changes in the sales mix of high-value and non high-value products; Expenditure for construction or reconstruction of new plants; Interruption of business activities that may be caused by terrorist acts, armed conflicts, political or financial turbulence, natural disasters, bad weather or major health factors; Adequacy of insurance; Activities of taking shares in the company; Merger and divestment activities; Inventory overstock or aging level; Technology change rate; Ability to enforce patent rights; Performance of products and parts; Retention of key employees; Stock price fluctuation; And adverse litigation or regulatory developments. Corning has submitted the above and other risk factors to the securities and Exchange Commission in detail. The predictive statement only expresses the facts on the date of publication of the data. If there is any new information or event in the future, Corning has no obligation to amend this statement

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